Timberlake Statement About Norcross Indictment and Abuse of Power

“As the historian and moralist Lord Acton warned against, ‘Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ Attorney General Matt Platkin’s press conference on his indictment of George Norcross underscores the damaging impact of power abuse within our government and its consequences for taxpayers throughout the state.

“Let me be unequivocal: I oppose any one who threatens livelihoods, future opportunities, or physical harm to maintain or expand their power and influence. I oppose the exploitation of any and all communities but especially powerless impoverished ones. I oppose the abuse of taxpayer dollars for personal enrichment.

“The use of fear tactics to manipulate narratives or outcomes is reprehensible and weak. Corruption poses a threat to democracy—from our nation’s capital to our local communities.

“When leadership and power become concentrated in the hands of a select few, decision-making processes and government operations can be skewed to benefit specific interests rather than serving the public good. We witness this dynamic in our United States Supreme Court, exemplified by Justices Alito and Thomas. Similarly, Federal Senator Menendez’s actions have been egregious.

“This is why my advocacy extends to party line eradication and ballot redesign. I’ve also called for Menendez’s resignation. Furthermore, my strong opposition to the overhaul of the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) underscores my unwavering commitment to transparency and democracy.

“While the reality of corruption trials loom over our state, we must not let it cause complacency. We must celebrate, promote, and continue to fight for ethical governance practices. We must take action, vote, and participate in public opportunities to speak out against wrongdoing. We must put Principles Over Politics.”

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One response to “Timberlake Statement About Norcross Indictment and Abuse of Power”


    I commend Britnee Timberlake for her outstanding statement.
    Only the brave are speaking out about the indictment of George Norcross

    Courage is required to lead a successful life.
    Bravo, Britnee Timberlake, Bravo!

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