Time to Take the Donuts

Bucco and the donuts

Anthony M. Bucco knows about doughnuts.

Due to a series of events, Bucco, the Republican state senator from LD-25, is running in his third election in the last three years. It’s also the fourth in five years if you’re counting.

As for doughnuts, it was a tradition begun by his late father – bring doughnuts to poll workers on Election Day.

So in today’s predawn darkness, Bucco visited a local shop to get a box of doughnuts for workers in his hometown of Boonton Township.

He’s pretty used to the drill by now.

As for the race this year, Bucco is being challenged by Democrat Jeff Grayzel, the mayor of Morris Township.

A few years ago, Grayzel broke the solid GOP-hold on township government. The Dems now control it.
However, winning in LD-25, which is basically a Morris County district with Bernardsville thrown in, would be a tall order.

It’s true that Democrats have narrowed the registration gap in the district to less than 3,000, but the incumbent has great name recognition dating back to the legislative service of his late father, Anthony R. Bucco, who passed in 2019.

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