Trump Pardons George Gilmore

Ocean County Republicans try to make sense of what happened and what to do next after the conviction of GOP Chairman George Gilmore on three counts of federal tax evasion.

President Trump Tuesday  issued a full Presidential Pardon of George Gilmore, who was convicted on ancillary charges of failing to pay payroll taxes on two occasions and omitting existing debts from a mortgage loan application. The jury rejected most of the Government’s case against Gilmore, failing to return a verdict of tax evasion and acquitting him of filing false tax returns. He was sentenced to a year and a day in prison but remained free on bail at the time he was pardoned.

Statement of George Gilmore In Response to Full Presidential Pardon:

“Words cannot express my gratitude and humility at being granted a full pardon by the President of the United States. When it came to his attention, President Trump recognized the injustice of my conviction and used the power of his office to right that wrong. Bill Stepien, my wonderful colleague and dear friend, advocated tirelessly for me. He went directly to the President and made an impassioned plea that I be pardoned. And my extraordinary lawyer, Kevin Marino—who gutted the Government’s case at trial and vowed never to rest until we won—wrote my successful pardon application at the eleventh hour. I owe my life to the President, to Bill Stepien, and to Kevin Marino and his partners at Marino, Tortorella & Boyle, who worked relentlessly to achieve this just result. I am forever indebted to these special people, to everyone who supported my pardon application, and to my loving family, who stood by me throughout this entire ordeal.”

Statement of Kevin Marino In Response to Gilmore Pardon:

“This prosecution should never have been brought. The jury rejected the heart of the Government’s case and the President rejected the rest of it. For my partners and me, fighting for George Gilmore was a singular honor. Helping erase his wrongful conviction was one of the highlights of our professional lives.”

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