Two More NJ COVID-19 Fatalities


One hundred and Sixty-two (162) new COVID-19 cases confirmed in NJ in the last 24 hours (age five to 95), according to Governor Phil Murphy.

Two yesterday proved to be out of state residents.

That means NJ has 427 confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to the governor.

“This is increasing with a pretty steep curve as we expected,” said the governor.

Two more deaths last night.

A source told InsiderNJ that the deaths were in Hudson and Essex County. Both of these individuals were over 60 years of age and in a high risk category.

They were both female.

That brings the total number of fatalties from the virus to five in NJ.

“We urge you in the strongest possible terms: make the right call; help prevent the spread of coronavirus and help flatten the curve,” Murphy said.

The governor urged parents to not have big house parties.

“This is an anxious time,” he acknowledged.

Department of Health Commissioner Judith Persichilli commented on the overnight numbers.

“Our concern about the healthcare system’s capacity also grows,” she said. “We’re looking to ensure the hospitals have the mapower, and the space to care for residents.”

If the coronavirus continues to spread at this current rate without a response plan, New Jersey’s hopital system will collpase.

“We have identified 260 additional beds to be brought online today,” Persichilli said. “199 in the north. 11 in the central. 50 in the south. 227 more will come online in the coming weeks.”

Salem, Cape May and Sussex have yet to officially show confirmed cases of the virus; the only three of New Jersey’s 21 counties not yet reporting positive COVID-19 cases.

Veteran Bergen Record columnist Charles Stile asked Murphy to evaluate President Donald J. Trump’s response to the crisis.

“I’ll leave history to the historians and I have less contact with the president than the vice president,” said Murph. “FEMA has been very good this week.”

The states will receive 3 to 4 trillion dollars in aid.

“New Jersey will take our fair share,” said the governor.


COVID-19 Cases by County

Data is provisional and subsequent to revision.

Note: 13 Unknown counties updated from 3/17, 2 cases updated to out of state from 3/17

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