Van Drew Aligns Himself with Jordan – in Support of McCarthy

Apparently somewhat irritated with the Jim Jordan wing of the party, U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (R-2) gave a statement along with his vote as U.S. Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California lost his third try at the speakership.

“I vote for Kevin McCarthy, just as my friend did, Jim Jordan,” said Van Drew.

Van Drew’s point was that Jordan didn’t even vote for Jordan.

That said, McCarthy lost another vote in the third ballot, slipping from 203 to 202, while Jordan – who backs McCarthy – collected 20 votes.

All three Republican members of the New Jersey Congressional Delegation again threw their support behind McCarthy, as a divided Republican caucus persisted.

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2 responses to “Van Drew Aligns Himself with Jordan – in Support of McCarthy”

  1. Thank you. This process is making the Republicans look bad. The 20 or so that will not vote for him should be taken to a room and convinced that THEY are holding up the process of doing the work we voted for them to do. Close the border, investigation of the Bidens, and fix the disaster that this administration has brought to our country.

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