Victorious DeFilippis Schedules Breakfast Healer in Morris


Now that the fighting is over, it’s time for breakfast.

Ronald DeFilippis, the newly-elected chair of the Morris County Republican Committee, has scheduled a “Unity Breakfast” for 7:30 a.m., July 17 at the Zeris Inn in Mountain Lakes.

DeFilippis triumphed by four votes over Robert Zwigard at last week’s GOP convention.

“We had our first Executive Board meeting and are excited to get to work,” DeFilippis said in an email to the party faithful. “Our main goal for the next five months is to assure that Morris County delivers the greatest number of Republican votes of any county in NJ. We are committed to orchestrating a successful integrated campaign that will focus on municipal elections all the way up to the United States Senate.”

It was not a pleasant campaign for chairman. Many insults and accusations were tossed by both sides against the other.  

Will all those hard feelings vanish over cups of coffee and plates of scrambled eggs?

DeFilippis sure hopes so.

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