Webber Wants to Debate Sherrill on ICE

Last week, 11th District Congressional candidates Jay Webber and Mikie Sherrill sparred over immigration issues, specifically surrounding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Department. Sherrill’s position on the issue seems to be “evolving,” Webber sneered.

Today, he proposed a clarifying solution.
“Immigration and protecting the integrity of the Law Enforcement agents serving within ICE have become some of the most important issues in this campaign,” said Webber. “I talk to voters every day, and the general topic of immigration and the need for reform is very much on their minds. I think voters deserve clear and concise answers from both candidates on the issue and that is why I’m proposing to Mikie Sherrill that we hold a debate in August exclusively on the topic of immigration.”

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  • jeff s

    How about a debate on Trump. And inviting Trump to campaign for you.

  • wloglobal

    Webber is grasping a straws. All he seems to be able to do is make things up about Mikie Sherrill, demand that she change her position, then claim victory when she ignores him.

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