Who Would Win a 2022 Rematch Between Malinowski and Kean?

Malinowski, right, and Kean.

Picking up the Operating Engineers’ endorsement today gave a boost to former state Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, Jr. as he seeks the Republican nomination to get a rematch with incumbent Democratic U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-7).

Kean still has to get through a Republican Primary, of course, where his foes include – perhaps most notably – Assemblyman Erik Peterson (R-23), a movement conservative from the western region of the Congressional District.

But the Democratic map decided during this year’s reapportionment makes it more difficult for Malinowski to win reelection. For one, the district’s new map eliminates Millburn, which proved very advantageous to the incumbent Democrat in his first collision with Kean, which he won two years ago.

The history shows same-party allies of the president in office usually suffering midterm public backlash from perceived presidential missteps, which gives Malinowski added reason to worry.

Both parties and their associative arms of political action committees (PACs) will spend considerable resources in this district, as Speaker Nancy Pelosi attempts to keep Malinowski in the win column and the GOP looks to reverse its dreadful Trump era fortunes by at least picking up a 2022 win with Kean.

In response to the operating engineers today signaling their support for the Republican, the Malinowski Campaign released a polling memo they say proves the race is closer than expected. Monmouth University Pollster Patrick Murray says that while Malinowski is indeed the most vulnerable incumbent Democrat in New Jersey, the battleground races this year hinge a great deal on events outside of the candidates’ control, like the performance of the economy and the status of the country when voters go to the polls in November.

If Kean makes it through his primary – and a chopped up field of contenders plus the backing of the GOP establishment make him the favorite – who would win a general election rematch between these two men?

Please answer the question posed below.

Who will Win the 7th Congressional District Race?

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12 responses to “Who Would Win a 2022 Rematch Between Malinowski and Kean?”

  1. Tom Malinowski is one of the smartest and just one of the best people to hold a Congressional seat. He has done a fantastic job in representing ALL the people in our district. Tom Kean Jr. will be nothing more than a Republican lackey doing whatever he is told to do, and voting however he is told to vote, by the McCarthy Trumpist Republican leaders.

  2. What concerns me most and what voters need to think about – regardless of Party – is whether we can afford another member of a rudderless, lost and misguided Republican Party joining the shameless mob already occupying our Congress.

    While so many Republicans do nothing more than shoot off their mouths and chase after the ghost of Hillary Clinton, Tom Malinowski is actually doing the work.

    Maybe someday the Republican Party will have more to offer than vitriol and nonsense…

  3. Tom Malinowski has a lot of experience in foreign affairs. One of the few in Congress. The Democrats and the Republicans need him.
    Kean is running on his name. Malinowski has lots and lots of experience. Don’t vote for a party. Vote for a highly competent man by the name of Tom Malinowski to continue to make D7 proud.

  4. How do you know Malinowski actually does anything for anyone other than president Biden and his own self serving interests?

  5. I honestly really like Malinowski. Whip smart, asks great questions in hearings, does good work, has good staff. Very friendly man, talked to him once. The Democratic Party will be lesser without him.

    And they will be without him. Never forget to loathe this state’s bullsh*t political machine, completely collapsed in 2020, that still had the nerve to throw Malinowski to the dogs. Of course, now we will be stuck with that moron Keans. God help us.

  6. Vulnerable Democrat Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ) appeared to go on a tirade against parents taking issue with what their children are learning in school, calling their concerns “made-up cultural bullshit” stemming from a “fringe movement.”

  7. Like the corrupt communist democrats the Republicans need to stick together and not splinter. If you want to stop the communist democrat agenda of destroying America we need to stick together and If that means we all vote for Kean that’s what we need to do. We must throw a wrench in the democrat machine they will lie, steal and destroy this great country that everyone runs yo. They don’t leave communist countries or corrupt countries to come here and see the exact same tactics being used here by the democrats and the elite and the deep state. Don’t break or they win and we lose NJ and America. Let’s not show weakness against those who actually hate the country they are citizens of.

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