Zero Hour Mailers and the Downright Silliness of it All

silly season mailer

If you can’t see some humor in politics, what’s the point of it all?

Yes, important stuff is being debated and voted upon, but you also have to appreciate irony and the downright silliness that comes along for the ride. It’s happening all over the state, but here are just three examples of the above in a small corner of northwest New Jersey.


It’s All A Secret

A campaign mailer arrived in my mailbox in Ledgewood, Morris County, a few days ago asking me to “Vote Column 1.”

I must have looked at both sides a dozen times and there was no mention of any candidates, office, or even the political party.

But the mailer did extol the benefits of stable taxes, economic development and investing in education. That was helpful.

Simply because I pay attention to this stuff, and also because I checked my sample ballot, I know who the candidates in Column 1 are.

But I’m not going to tell you.

The candidates apparently want to keep their candidacy a secret, so why spoil their fun?


It Helps To Check The Ballot

The race in LD-26 is not expected to be all that competitive. Republicans still hold a comfortable registration advantage in a district covering parts of Morris, Essex and Passaic counties.

But there is still a race to run.

That brings us to a group called SOMA  Action, a left-leaning organization based in South Orange and Maplewood.

A recent release says the group is endorsing Democrats Christine Clark, Melissa Brown Blaeuer and Pamela Fadden for Senate and the two Assembly seats in the district.

It further states that “Sitting Republicans Joseph Pennacchio, Assemblyman Jay Webber and Assemblywoman BettyLou DeCroce are antithetical to SOMA  Action’s mission to drive progressive change in New Jersey.”

You see the problem?

DeCroce is not running. She was beaten in the June GOP primary after Morris County Republicans refused to endorse her. It was big news at the time in political circles.

For the record, the other GOP candidate is Christian Barranco.

Knowing who’s running should be a prerequisite to making endorsements, no?


All About The Children.

There is certainly an apple pie and motherhood quality to basing a political campaign around children.

Some school board candidates know that.

So, in some quarters there are slates of school board candidates running under the slogan, “For the Kids.”

That includes Montville.

The For the Kids slate there is expressing gratitude on its Facebook page for an endorsement from one, Bernard Kerik, the former New York City police commissioner.

In a social media post of his own, Kerik says members of the slate will ensure transparency and “stop the indoctrination of all kids,”

On one hand, an endorsement from a known-figure outside the community is a good thing.

Yet, on the other hand, Kerik pleaded guilty in 2009 to a number of felonies, including tax fraud. He was eventually pardoned by President Trump.

All in all, a fascinating example “for the kids.”

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