2017 Democratic Primary: Hit by Gun Mailer, Wisniewski Fires Back

Just days after Assemblyman John Wisniewski (D-19) won the Princeton Democratic Club’s endorsement for governor in the Democratic Primary over former Goldman Sachs executive Phil Murphy, the Wisniewski Campaign absorbed an attack in the form of a mail piece calling into question the candidate’s progressive bonafides.

Pointing his finger at the Murphy Campaign, Wisniewski Campaign Manager Robert Becker decried the mail piece (above).

“By claiming John Wisniewski is ‘siding with the gun lobby,’ Phil Murphy showed just how desperate and hypocritical his campaign has become,” said Becker in a statement. “Let’s be very clear: John Wisniewski has served 21 years in the New Jersey Assembly and has never supported the manufacture of more machine guns or assault weapons.”

The longshot’s campaign manager then picked at what Wisniewski sees as Murphy’s vulnerability in a populist and progressive atmosphere: the front-runner’s corporate credentials.

“Phil Murphy can’t say that, because he has personally profited off guns,’ Becker said. “Murphy served in a position of authority at Goldman Sachs for 23 years and never once publicly spoke out about the manufacture of guns — despite Goldman making billions by investing and partnering with some of biggest gun makers in the country. Murphy’s desperate and hypocritical attack shows a politician in deep trouble. After two-plus years running for governor and spending $10 million of his Goldman Sachs fortune, Murphy finds himself in the FDU poll training ‘I don’t know’ [50%] and tied with ‘Someone else’ [17%].'”

Wisniewski Campaign Spokesman Greg Minchak noted that the piece has “paid for by Murphy for Governor” printed on it. The Murphy Campaign did not immediately respond for comment.


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2 responses to “2017 Democratic Primary: Hit by Gun Mailer, Wisniewski Fires Back”

  1. https://app.robly.com/archive?id=1f287d2bb95907fa2eacaf0bd244b2fa

    As the only woman seeking New Jersey’s Democratic nomination for governor, I can say both of the male candidates engaged in a childish fracas over guns are guilty.

    I have been saying for months, neither one of these guys are qualified to be governor: Phil Murphy and John Wisniewski are both guilty of looking out for themselves without a care for you or your family.

    John Wisniewski’s record of self-dealing shows he does not care about anybody but himself. His record of giving Governor Christie the power to dole out $7 billion in corporate welfare and voting five times to outlaw or restrict access to abortion shows he does not share New Jersey values.

    “John Wisniewski has served 21 years in the New Jersey Assembly,” according to Wisniewski campaign manager Robert Becker, but that does not explain why he did not join most other Democrats by voting for S1304, a bill sponsored by Sen. John Girgenti that upgraded penalties for unlawful possession of a machine gun or assault firearm.

    When the Assembly approved that bill on Dec. 15, 2008, 51 to 17, Wisniewski was among 12 members who did not vote. Gov. Jon Corzine signed it into law without Wisniewski’s support.

    It is not up to Wall Street billionaire Phil Murphy, with blood on his hands, to sling mud & pretend he is innocent. Fossil fuels, big pharma & causing the mortgage crash with greedy subprime schemes are all among Moneybags Phil Murphy’s since as a 23-year executive at Goldman Sachs.

    Murphy profited off guns as an executive at Goldman Sachs. The Wall Street investment bank made billions investing with the biggest gun makers in the country, including Remington Arms Company, maker of the assault rifle used to massacre children in Newtown, Connecticut. Goldman Sachs also owns stock in firearms companies as Vista Outdoors, Smith & Wesson and Sturm Ruger.

    You can bet that a fair share of those gun manufacturing profits paid for Murphy’s private jet and his cash soaked campaign for governor. There is also more that you don’t know about him!

    It is time we put the values of hard-working middle-class New Jerseyans ahead of Wall Street profits and crooked political insiders, but it would be nuts to think we can expect that from either Phil Murphy or John Wisniewski.

    Murphy and Wisniewski are both guilty of cashing in at your expense, taking care of themselves and letting other people suffer or die. If you are ready to overthrow our rigged political and economic systems, then join Democrats for Change.

    As the Democrats for Change candidate for governor, I will revolutionize New Jersey so you are no longer guaranteed to lose. New Jersey needs big, bold changes. Nothing less than a political revolution is going to get that done.

    This fight has less to do with Republicans and Democrats than it does with our battle to eradicate corruption and stop corporate control over our democracy. On that score, there is not a dime’s worth of difference between Chris Christie and Phil Murphy or John Wisniewski and Donald Trump.

    If you want change, now we must begin by taking action, running for office, volunteering and giving money to support the election of honest candidates. When our political revolution is over, a victory will be won because we the people resisted corruption and corporate control.

    Donate $250 now to help me become the first woman nominated for governor by the New Jersey Democratic Party. Your contribution will help us recruit more women and other good candidates to join my slate, as we challenge the insiders for every office on the Democratic primary ballot.

    Donate $250 now to nominate a pro-choice woman who will refuse to be silent when you need a champion.

    Donate $250 to fund my campaign, so our political revolution can help put more justice Democrats in office to champion peace, prosperity, justice and all the progressive values Americans really desire. We need you, as our people-powered political revolution is taking on the political establishment.

    The power of our political revolution is only as strong as our candidates and the people we get elected to office.

    Donate $250 now to help me defeat Mr. $400 Million, Mr. $40 Million, Mr. $4 Million. You decide who is the right choice for governor. Make sure everyone else knows about me.

    In solidarity,
    Lisa McCormick

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