The 2018 Insider 100: Millennials

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Here they come.

Well, a lot of these millennials have already been around for a while, sharpening their teeth in the political arena in their teens and now hitting their stride at last in their 30s.

Others are just getting started.

But whether Republicans or Democrats, what they all have in common is their membership in the under-35 club of the New Jersey political class. 

They’re all millennials.

As a rule they love social media, but a few them are significantly old school. Senator Vin Gopal built himself up town by town as a party chairman, and continues to knock on doors to get eyeball to eyeball with voters in an off election year. Wally Miqbel? You don’t get more old school than Stack World.

InsiderNJ fashioned this list with an eye to the future, but when you look at the work of the people here, you realize we have met the future, and it is now.

Don’t forget to get to the beach this summer!


Download Insider NJ’s 2018 Insider 100: Millennials publication, or view it below:


The 2018 Insider 100: Millennials


Published by Insider NJ on July 23rd, 2018

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  1. Good list, overall, but you missed the TWO millenials in Plainfield: Councilman At-large Elton Armady, and 1st Ward Council Democratic Candidate Ashley Davis, who beat the incumbent!

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