The 2018 Insider 100: Policymakers

Welcome to the 2018 Insider 100: Policymakers publication.

It’s counter intuitive really in New Jersey to even compose a list of wonks.

The state so often – even routinely – prides itself on primitivism, and those sub-human, profane interactions that fall only very loosely within the rubric of politics. And yet – don’t laugh – we have our deep thinkers here, and yes they aren’t all sequestered on college campuses with the blinds drawn and one-way tickets out of here in the top drawers. Some of them roam freely, in fact, at the Statehouse, testing their intellects out in the arena of realpolitik.

This is InsiderNJ’s second such list of New Jersey’s top policymakers, and you’ll find that it contains several plot points and twists differentiating it from last year’s inaugural list.

First of all, there’s a new Governor this year in NJ, so many of the minds reflect associations with that new command structure, tapped to serve the top of the government food chain. Second, we assembled the names on this list during the budget stand-off between Governor Phil Murphy and the legislative leadership of his own party, so many of the policy influencers have direct, real-time ties to that particular struggle.

But we should also add that this year’s list does share something significant with our 2017 offering, namely the distinction of an assembly of names listed not because they signify the broadest shoulders, biggest egos or loudest voices, but simply because of the rigorous quality of their public policy minds.     

Just as a reminder for those of you in elected office at the state level who may be tempted to scour the list in search of your own names, please don’t indulge that vain exploration. You’re not on here – and neither are any of your colleagues. A few of the following people may serve in local elected office as citizen legislators, but in the main we have taken pains to select those individuals noted for the work they do outside of elected office as they seek to expand the capacities of our collective policy square.

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The 2018 Insider 100: Policymakers


Published June 28th, 2018 by Insider NJ


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