DNC Nixes Climate Debate Forum for Prez Candidates

A majority of the general membership of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) today overruled the resolutions  committee and voted against requiring a separate debate forum on climate change for the 2020 Democratic candidates running for president.

It was a win for DNC Chair Tom Perez, who didn’t want it in the schedule of debates.

The allies of NJ Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie supported Perez.

“All members of the DNC agree that climate change is an existential crisis and we share the

belief that is must be addressed in sort order,” said Tolulope Kevin Olasanoye, executive director of the NJ Democratic State Committee.

“The votes taken by DNC members today were not about whether a conversation about how to address the climate crisis should take place in a narrow sense,” he added. “Instead, they were about preserving the integrity of the debate process and the rules instituted by the DNC, in consultation with all presidential campaigns, remains intact. WIth today’s results, the DNC has ensured that the perception issues raised during the last presidential election cycle can be avoided and all Democrats can heed the advice of Rev. William Barber and “turn towards each other” in our quest to build on the progress of the 2018 cycle and take back the White House in 2020.”
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  • 1Prop

    Aw shucks, I wanted to laugh at their outlandish claims and ideas.

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