After 9/11 Twitter Collision with Ayscue, Altman Wants NJTV to Pull the Plug on Him

Organizations representing consumers, communities, families, small businesses, immigrants, environmental advocacy, and workers from dozens of fields and industries sign letter urging the NJ legislature to pass a millionaire’s tax either as part of Governor Phil Murphy’s proposed 2020 state budget or separately as its own piece of legislation.

Working Families Alliance State Director Sue Altman said she felt South Jersey Democratic Party


operative Steve Ayscue’s tweet of the falling man on the 18th anniversary of 911 was menacing and threatening, and wants NJTV to discontinue using him as a pundit, while Ayscue maintains that he used the image to reinforce the meaning of remembering 9/11 on this sad day.

The pair of Democrats – a progressive activist and machine insider – has tweeted back and forth for months, against the backdrop of the operative defending the state’s use of Economic Development Authority (EDA) tax credits for development in Camden connected to his ally, South Jersey Democratic Party Power Broker George Norcross III.

Altman is a critic of the program, which is currently under investigation by the state attorney general.

Today was the latest clash between the rivals.

Altman initially tweeted something about the economy, referencing 11 credit downgrades in New Jersey.

In response, “Ayscue tweeted that awful picture at me,” she told InsiderNJ. “I’ve put up with a lot of nonsense, but this was the first time my breath was taken away. That picture is such a triggering emotional picture. It’s threatening and horrible.”

The Working Families chief said the operative is routinely abusive on twitter, not only to her, but also to other activists, particularly women. She wants NJTV to remove him as a regular commentator representing the Democratic Party.

“This was a shot to the gut,” Altman said. “I can’t tell you what he was trying to say. We intend to release a statement. A group of us – a big group, who are sick of this guy.”

Ayscue tweeted that his point with the picture was “a simple one.”

“We should not be discussing politics or ‘credit downgrades’ on this solemn day when we should be remembering the many lives lost,” the operative wrote. “I refuse to engage in politics on this day.

“What don’t you get?” Ayscue wrote.

Ayscue’s explanatory tweet.

Altman tweeted at NJTV.

Altman’s tweet in response.
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  • Rooktoven1

    It’s not a holy day. Life goes on. Ayscue is a coward hiding behind a tragedy.

  • Roland Welsh

    Ayscue is a typical norcross crony playing politics Camden County style. None of these worms care about anything but lining their pockets. The norcross playbook is to send out amateurs like Ayscue to try and indimidate and trash his opponents any way possible. Bunch of punks.

  • NJBlech

    Former Governor Jim Florio, Congressman Donald Norcross, and Senate President Steve Sweeney appear on Steve Ayscue’s Twitter banner. Everyone should contact them demanding that they get Ayscue to remove their images from his Twitter banner. This is especially true of Florio, who always tries to paint himself to be above nasty politics. What Ayscue did today was reprehensible.

  • Lesser False Vampire

    Oh please–it wasn’t a “collision”–it was harassment. Steve Ayscue randomly tagged Sue Altman in a sad and disturbing picture of a man falling to his death. When asked to explain himself, he claimed he did it because he didn’t think she should be allowed to talk politics on 9/11 (as if he has any kind of say in when she is or is not allowed to talk)

    Sue was actually having a conversation with other people (all men) on Twitter at the time. None of them were tagged by Steve Ayscue. Only her.

  • Anthony Kilgowski

    Ayscue has used social media to destroy people’s reputation with lies and distorted information. He hacks and trolls victims by running troll farms to page park manufactured stories to the top of Google with Facebook shares and link schemes. He’s been running a harassing cyber ring used to defame anyone who goes against the political boss machines and his cronies and stop candidates who have a good chance of winning against the Norcross operatives. Ayscue is behind these stages attacks and should be under investigation for wire tapping; colluding with foreign troll farms;
    Espionage; treason and racketeering Ayscue is a criminal and a danger to the United States

  • Anthony Kilgowski

    Camden county political machine needs to be served a class action for sexual harassment. Ayscue bullies and sexually harassed women on social media. He’s a sick bald headed creep that is frightening to look at. Ugly mug

  • Anthony Kilgowski

    Steve Ayscue has a company called
    NJ Guns for hire. He needs to be watched closely. He’s a sick man with a sick agenda.

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