A Sudden Surge of GOP Activity in the U.S. Senate Primary

Most of the oxygen swirling around this year’s U.S. Senate race has been on the Democratic side.

After all, the emerging primary race between top contenders Andy Kim, a sitting congressman, and Tammy Murphy, the wife of the governor, is going to be fun. And more so when you consider that the indicted Bob Menendez is still around – and may even run for re-election.

But over the last few days, we’ve seen some activity on the Republican side.

In truth, some may see this as a mere sideshow. Everyone who cares about this type of thing knows that it’s been more than 50 years since Republicans won a Senate seat in New Jersey and with 2024 a presidential election year, the prospects for the GOP are not overly encouraging. There are about a million more registered Dems statewide, and the possibility of Donald Trump topping the Republican ticket isn’t going to help.

But you just never know; the game has to be played.

Christine Serrano Glassner, the mayor of Mendham in Morris County, announced her Senate candidacy last year. And just this week, Curtis Bashaw of Cape May County, said he is running.

Serrano Glassner was quick to welcome him to the race.

The gist of a statement condemning Bashaw’s candidacy was this pithy observation:

“Curtis Bashaw is a liberal whom the voters cannot trust.”

The point is that Bashaw has made campaign donations to Democrats.

Furthermore, a statement from the campaign continued that Bashaw is “more in line with Gold Bar Bob and the Murphy Monarchy than he is (with) the small businesspeople and blue-collar workers across New Jersey who are struggling under this disastrous Biden-Menendez-Murphy economy.”

A cynic may be led to observe that given the Republicans’ recent track record in New Jersey, a candidate who can appeal to Democrats may be a good idea.

But that’s a battle for November.

The June primary is a time for candidates to express solidarity with conservative, if not MAGA, principles.

Serrano Glassner, who has endorsed Trump for president, is doing precisely that. How that plays out if she makes it to the general election, one supposes, is a question to be considered in September.

There are also indications that Alex Zdan, who until recently was a News 12 journalist, may enter the Republican race.

A social media post by Zdan certainly looks to be going in that direction:

“I spent a career fighting to hold the powerful accountable. Now, I need your help. I’m recruiting a team of fighters to clean up corruption and take back power from political elites. Join our movement. Because trust matters. Go to AlexForNJ.com for more.”

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4 responses to “A Sudden Surge of GOP Activity in the U.S. Senate Primary”

  1. It is likely that no one outside of Mendham even knows of
    Christine Serrano Glassner.

    For her to have any chance the GOP needs to begin a strong and aggressive campaign now, rather than three weeks prior to the election.

    Stop with the luncheons and gatherings in front of Republicans who will surely vote for her. Stop with the robo calls. She must get in front of democrats and work door to door in democrat territory to have any chance. TV and media efforts are needed.

    Simply preaching to Republican voters will not be sufficient.

    Of course this may be time consuming and expensive. I wonder if the GOP is willing to put some real effort and resources into this.

    I doubt it. The GOP is dead in NJ. In typical fashion the GOP will cry and whine about how they tried. I suppose the losers get a trophy too?

  2. Well at least Glassner has more political experience than Murphy. Not that Democrats will vote for her.

  3. Biden should pick Andy Kim to run as his VP to energize the ticket and ensure a competent, thoughtful, accomplished person will be able to take over if needed. Harris has been a virtually invisible VP and a drag on the ticket. She was charged with addressing the border issue but this has only gotten worse during her tenure.

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