Adamo Prevails

Tom Adamo beat Jerry Speziale in the Passaic County Sheriff’s race.

In a big win for Passaic County Democratic Committee Chairman John Currie, the whole organization won by 12k-9K votes.

Said Speziale in a statement:

“Thank you to everyone who came out to vote today and who supported our campaign. I will forever be grateful to the wonderful people who helped us throughout these last several months for their friendship and support.

“At this time we are still waiting for all the votes to be counted. There are thousands of votes that haven’t been tabulated yet, and we owe it to the people of Passaic County to ensure that every voter’s voice is heard. We expect to know more about the results of the election tomorrow when additional ballots are counted. Until that time, we believe that it is too early to call the races for Sheriff and County Commissioner.”

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3 responses to “Adamo Prevails”

  1. There was never a doubt. Maybe now the county has finally rid themselves of that scumbag Speziale.

  2. ONLY a loser like you, would be so spineless as to write that hiding behind a fake name. I have a lot of respect for Speziale and I admire his guts to take on the dirty political machine in Passaic County. A machine where the only people allowed to run in a democratic election are those willing to bend down and kiss the Ring of KING J Currie.
    The scum that needs investigating is who else besides Berdnik used (or knew about) Covid money for personal purposes and any other shady activities.

  3. And only a loser like Julie supports a loser like Speziale lol. Whats the matter? The job jerry promised you no longer exists? Or are you his new mistress? Do you also admire how he is mentally unstable and cant carry a weapon? Do you admire how he cheated on his dying wife ? Do you admire how he “donated” his campaign warchest? Do you admire how he is a known drug user? I can keep going but ill leave you with that LOSER!

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