Adriana Kuch had a History of Standing up to Bullies, Protecting Others

BERKELEY TWP. – A girl who was ambushed and beaten by bullying cowards in a school sworn

Adriana Kuch

by law to protect her, who later took her own life, routinely stood up to bullies when they needed a voice; when they needed a friend.

Adriana Kuch was that girl, a father told InsiderNJ at Thursday night’s Board of Education meeting, who went out of her way to protect another child in middle school. The father spoke on condition of anonymity, in the interest of protecting his son, who is older now. But he spoke passionately about Adriana Kuch, who once berated a bully in defense of his son.

“She stood up and yelled, ‘Stop doing that,'” the father said.

That was the memory he had of the girl later attacked in the high school hallway by bullies and beaten.

Prosecutors last Friday afternoon announced charges against the four girls who perpetrated the Feb. 1 attack on their classmate at Central Regional High School. The charges came the same day that friends and family honored the memory of Bayville’s Adriana Kuch at a memorial service.

From NBC News: “One student has been charged with aggravated assault, two were charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, and the fourth person faces a harassment charge, according to the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office. All of those whom were charged are juveniles, and because of that, have not been identified. The prosecutor’s office added that each of the four, along with their respective guardians, were served with a copy of the criminal complaint against them, and were released pending future court appointments.”

The school had indefinitely suspended the girls, who attacked a child who abhorred violence, according to those who knew her, and defended the weak.

Her friends talked about a caring person.

She just wanted to be a tattoo artist, said Halie Engesser, who told InsiderNJ that she had to leave Central Regional because another classmate threatened her with a gun.

At the funeral of Adriana Kuch, a… kid broke down in front of her father, as he expressed how grateful he was that she was nice to him on his first day of school. Her father took the flowers out of the hand of the child, and they held onto each other.

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7 responses to “Adriana Kuch had a History of Standing up to Bullies, Protecting Others”

  1. This is so sad. Parents need to be more aware of what their kids are doing and held responsible. Stop charging them as a minor where they get a slap on the hand. Charge then as an adult. Condolences to the family and her real friends

  2. The prosecutors are charging the 4 bulllies as “juveniles” This is horse shit. It’s an outrage. They beat the girl senseless and caused her to commit suicide. This should be tried as adult charges, including conspiracy. The prosecutors are too soft on crime in NJ. This is a case requiring adult penalties. So, what do the prosecutors do? They give them a slap. Any wonder why people are leaving NJ in droves??? It’s the high property taxes and the state is becoming unsafe due to soft-on-crime prosecutors. Maybe time to bring back the pillory.

  3. It’s time we start giving some of these juvies a taste of their own medicine. If they want to behave with impunity, maybe they need to get a dose of reality in return, the kind of reality where there are consequences.

  4. Why on earth does the end of this article mention one of the friends weight?!? A bit tone deaf there Max Pizzaro?… ‘At the funeral of Adriana Kuch, a 200-pound kid broke down in front of her father..’ WTF?

  5. @briileigh you clearly didn’t read it correctly no where I that article did it say 200 pound boy. You clearly need to re read or stop reading all together

  6. @Lex Keep in mind since you’re commenting months later, there’s a chance the article may’ve been edited for that reason. No need to be hard on @briileigh

  7. I am glad that Adriana’s parents are suing the school district. As a kid who was bullied myself, I understand Adriana’s pain. I suspect teachers and administrators were at best never bullied, or were bullies themselves, because otherwise they would have never chosen careers in the same buildings and environment which were so painful. And after losing my own daughter, I know that her parents are and will always experience the greatest pain possible. Love to Adriana.

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