Alonso Bows out of the BCRO Chairman’s Contest

Attorney Fernando Alonso will not pursue the chairmanship of the Bergen County Republican Organization (BCRO).

“I spoke to members of the BCRO who encouraged me to run for Chairman and for that I’m grateful of their trust,” Alonso told InsiderNJ.

“I want the party to be unified without further fighting and vendettas with fractured groups,” he added. “After talking with many I see that staying in the race will only further the discord among groups even if I win. I’m hoping that younger people get involved in the party and take leadership roles to make the party a winning organization again.”

Alonso’s announcement leaves former Hackensack Mayor Jack Zisa in the contest to succeed sitting BCRO Chairman Paul DiGaetano.

Kelly Langschultz of New Milford may challenge Zisa, a Bergen source told InsiderNJ.*

*Editor’s Note: Langschultz is backing Zisa, she told InsiderNJ.

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