Altman Calls Out “New Jersey Corruption Crew” in First Ad

Sue Altman today released a new ad in her “ultra-competitive race” for New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District contrasting the Democratic nominee with a series of corrupt, self-serving politicians she has fought to hold accountable.

Before running for Congress, the candidate said she made it her life’s work to fight corruption on both sides of the aisle.

When former Governor Chris Christie wanted to slash education funding, Altman stood up and asked the tough questions in order to protect teachers and fight against cuts to our public schools.

As leader of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, Altman spent years fighting corruption and the waste of taxpayer dollars – she was even escorted out of the State House for publicly confronting corrupt Democratic party bosses like George Norcross, who used a $1 billion tax incentive program to line the pockets of politically connected corporate leaders at the expense of New Jersey taxpayers. George Norcross’ arraignment on 13 felony indictments related to that tax program comes later today, shortly after the release of the ad.

“The Corruption Crew”

Tom Kean, Jr. has made it his brand to dodge reporters and avoid questions, which has been noted on countless occasions. He also shields himself from direct engagement with his constituents – many of whom are curious about his endorsement of Donald Trump on the same day the former President was indicted by a jury on 34 felony charges or his votes to limit reproductive access along with the extremists of his party.

Altman said she is running for Congress to bring this fight to Washington – working to lower costs for working families, protect our natural environment, and secure New Jerseyans’ reproductive rights and fundamental freedoms.

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2 responses to “Altman Calls Out “New Jersey Corruption Crew” in First Ad”

  1. It’s a shame but as I traveled this great country when asked where I was from ( not that my accent didn’t give me away ) the question asked the most about New Jersey was about our politics.
    In jest I would like to say it was so cold in Jersey this past winter our politicians had their hands in their own pockets, or when our politicians die they are so crooked we have to screw them in the ground,
    It’s a shame but unfortunately with two of our politicians on trial right now we are unable to disprove it .

  2. Sue Altman is a phenomenal candidate, an authentic person, and the fighter that NJ-7 needs to champion the ideals of good government and public service.

    I hope she dunks on Mr. Kean come November.

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