Altman Won’t Rule Out CD-1 Run, But Prioritizes Longer Range Movement

Organizations representing consumers, communities, families, small businesses, immigrants, environmental advocacy, and workers from dozens of fields and industries sign letter urging the NJ legislature to pass a millionaire’s tax either as part of Governor Phil Murphy’s proposed 2020 state budget or separately as its own piece of legislation.

Buzz in progressive circles and in those outwardly rippling currents touching an establishment made choppier by the temper of the times in Camden, has nudged forward the name of Sue Altman as a potential 2020 candidate for Congress in the 1st District.

That’s the seat occupied by U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-1), younger brother of South Jersey Democratic Power Broker George Norcross III, whose businesses benefited from the state Economic Development Authority (EDA) tax incentive program now under scrutiny by Attorney General Gurbir Grewal.

The Camden-based Altman serves as state director of the Working Families Alliance, an organization friendly with Governor Phil Murphy, who’s locked in a bloody political war with the Norcross brothers, Donald less of an antagonist than George (a) and middle brother Philip (b).

In a conversation this evening with InsiderNJ, Altman didn’t rule out a future Democratic Primary run against the incumbent congressman.

But she also said she wants to stay focused on building grassroots efforts that form the foundation of a progressive political movement bigger than herself.

“It is not my intent to run unless the situation drastically changes,” said Altman. “If the situation drastically changes, I would revisit such a decision. But it’s more important to build something for long term power for the people, and my efforts in that direction are more important than an individual congressional run.”

She emphasized that in the event of a seismic shift in South Jersey, maybe as a consequence of the ongoing EDA scandal, she would reevaluate.

There’s no rush, she insisted.

“Congress comes around every two years, but yes, there are times when candidates can push the movement forward,” she observed. “I am right now much more interested in the overall cause of building a formidable front.”

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  1. Hope she runs. She needs to get Murphy to get a task force down here to watch these election machines and ballots that are generated and used to help give the same old people an automatic buffer. It is imperative. Norcross has seniors and minorities just sign ballots and then they have their political party pick their people straight down. It’s a corrupt system that gives him the lead in every race. Watch the ballots and the people working at the polls. They manipulate the machines

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