Amy DeGise: The InsiderNJ Interview: Teacher Says She Will Hold Stack to Account for Pensions-Benefits Overhaul with Christie

Newly minted Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) candidate Amy DeGise will appeal to the younger generation of Hudson committee member, she told InsiderNJ, and to those motivated to protect teachers and public workers.

She is a teacher, and President Donald J. Trump’s 2016 shocked her and, she says, motivated her.

“I have been revved up since the Democratic Party lost that election,” she said. “The Democratic Party needs to stay together.”

Her rival for the HCDO chairmanship, didn’t abide by that principle when he – along with Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop – told her father, Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise, that they wanted to give him the heave ho next year.

“The chair of the Hudson County Democratic Organization needs to be voice for younger advocates,” she said. “This fight has been happening – it didn’t just start tonight – and we are in to win. I’m credible and honest. I’m an educator, and that carries weight.”

InsiderNJ asked her if Stack’s support for Republican Governor Chris Christie’s pensions and benefits overhaul gave her candidacy greater impetus.

But finally, she said, “This is not about beating someone. This is about leading the Democratic Party. This is our time right now. I see an opportunity.”

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