Anderson Kicks off Primary Campaign for Republican Nomination in CD11

Vanquished at the Morris convention, Republican Toby Anderson today announced his formal kick-off of the next phase of the campaign targeting the June 7th primary for the GOP nomination to take on Mikie Sherrill in NJ’s 11th congressional district.  

“After our strong showing at last weekend’s Morris County Convention, today our campaign begins to look forward to the primary and to the general election where WE WILL RETIRE MIKIE SHERRILL,” said the candidate. “I’m not a political insider or a career politician – I’m a three tour Iraq Veteran, small business owner, and father of three young children that is disgusted with what I see happening in Congress and concerned for our future.  Under Joe Biden and congressional liberals we have seen record inflation, global unrest, open borders and endless mandates.  Today, New Jersey families are less wealthy, less safe, and less free.

“And Mute Mikie Sherrill has done NOTHING,” he added.

Morris County Commissioner Tayfun Selen on Friday landed the coveted backing of the Morris County GOP.

But Anderson said he was undeterred.

“Make no mistake, we’re not going to defeat Mikie Sherrill with another political insider or entrenched politician,” he said. “To beat Mikie Sherrill we need an outsider, a conservative fighter who will stand up to the broken machine to get this country back on track. I’ve fought for my country before, and with your support, I’m ready to continue that service.”

About Toby Anderson: Toby is a conservative small business owner, Iraq War Veteran, husband, and father to three young children. Toby is running for Congress to restore parental rights, control inflation, and put an end to the leftist policies and cancel culture supported by the Biden-Pelosi-Sherrill agenda. More info can be found at:

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