Another Contender Enters the Race for GOP Gubernatorial Primary

Dana Wefer of Hoboken announced she is entering the GOP primary for governor.  Once a Democratic freeholder candidate in Morris, and Hoboken 4th Ward Council candidate in 2015, the Hoboken Housing Authority Chairwoman had been supportive of Bernie Sanders during the presidential primary.  She now is jumping into the gubernatorial race as a Republican.

“Our political system is corrupted, which has led to a corrupted government. Our elections are not competitive and our elected officials are not accountable, so we need to change the way we elect them,” Wefer told InsiderNJ. “Through New Jersey Awakens [Wefer is a founder], I am running with a slew of other candidates, Republican, Democratic, and Independent, who are determined to make our votes count and our voices heard so that we can get real reform in NJ government.”

Hudson County View’s John Heinis has more on this story.

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