Antoine Running for Mayor of Roselle


Archange Antoine officially announced his run for Mayor of the Borough of Roselle in the November 3 Election to replace Christine Dansereau, who resigned from office on July 1, 2020.

Antonie said Roselle needs a mayor who “truly cares for the people, defends the interests of working-class families, prioritizes the working poor, ensures police transparency, and will make decisions which will ultimately result in the betterment of our children’s future.”

He is that person, he said.

“As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the economy is on the brink of a recession. Roselle deserves a Mayor willing to both, defend homeowners against banks that seek to foreclose on their properties and protect renters from predatory building landlords,” said the candidate. “Roselle must have a Mayor who will say no to 30-year tax abatements for real estate developers and big corporations, thus, preventing homeowners from bearing all tax burdens.”

He noted that Roselle also needs a mayor who will advocate for fair treatment of te town’s renters by re-establishing the rent control board to stop apartment building from increasing rent up to $300 annually, and who will hold the police accountable and ensure all residents’ constitutional rights are protected.

“The Roselle Police Department has a reputation for using excessive force and in New Jersey alone, ranks 18 out of 468 police departments with the highest use of force against civilians,” Antoine said. “Roselle is entitled to better public safety. Roselle must have a Mayor who will implement a community-based approach to reduce gun violence by working with clergy, activists, public officials, citizens, and victims to save lives.

“Roselle must invest in our children,” he added. “The youth are the greatest assets of our community. We must invest in their future by increasing recreational programs, summer employment, and college internships, and by providing a safe community center environment for our youth.”

A resident of Roselle for 25 years, Antoine has worked as a public servant, business owner, civil rights organizer, and faith leader. Before his public service role, he was a social worker serving homeless children and youth with mental and behavioral challenges. As a civil rights organizer, Antoine helped advance legislation on racial, immigration, and economic justice issues. He also served as a Roselle School Board Member for nine years. There, he worked with other members to stop unqualified vendors from working in the district. Moreover, he addressed mismanagement of funds and worked to prosecute employees who were misappropriating resources intended for Roselle’s student

Presently, Antoine serves as a Minister at St. Matthew Baptist Church in Roselle.

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