As Torres Twists, Mendez Gears Up for Paterson Mayoral Bid


Against the backdrop of the city council casting a no-confidence vote in the case of scandal-smudged Mayor Jose “Joey” Torres, a city councilman has stepped forward with designs on running Paterson.

At-Large Councilman Alex Mendez this weekend told supporters he’s running for mayor.

If Torres hangs on and beats corruption charges, the councilman may have to wait until 2018 and the regularly scheduled mayor’s race. But his shot could come sooner, if Torres leaves office.

A former school board member, owner of a livery business, Mendez was the top vote getter citywide in 2014 elections.

Last month, state authorities charged Torres with 2nd degree racketeering and official misconduct, and he subsequently surrendered at state police headquarters. For more on that, please go here.

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