Assailed by Democrats, Space Strikes Back at his LD24 Opponents

Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24) this afternoon retaliated against his Democratic tormentors with a strong statement.

“Democrat candidates Trish and Matteson have bigger worries,” said Space, referring to his own flailing attempts to stop Democrats from detouring past their troubles to swamp him with Confederate Flag woes.

“Their campaign and their county Democrat committee have made themselves party to an effort aimed at destroying the a 90-year-old family business through personal harassment, liable, an aggressive economic boycott, and restraint of trade,” the incumbent Republican added. “The Space family has retained legal counsel moving forward.”

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3 responses to “Assailed by Democrats, Space Strikes Back at his LD24 Opponents”

  1. Have the Democrats condemned BLM and ANTIFA yet? Has Insider NJ asked them to condemn those organizations and posted any such condemnation?

  2. I don’t like you, Fred Space and Parker Space. Don’t you support the bear hunt? If I decided to protest outside your zoo over a busy weekend, would you sue me? Give me a break and grow up! BTW, I am a Democrat and can’t wait for all you Republicans to be voted out of office! BABIES!

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