Assemblymembers Pass Marijuana Legalization Bill out of Committee


The Assembly Appropriations Committee this afternoon voted in favor of passing the Marijuana


Legalization Bill out of committee.

The vote was 7-1-2.

Assemblyman Ryan Peters (R-8) abstained. “Not sure this is the best thing to give to our children.”

So did Assemblyman Kevin J. Rooney (R-40).

Assemblyman Hal Wirths (R-24) voted no. “Why are we trying to get 24-25% in new taxes. Folks, it’s revenue. If it wasn’t about revenue, we wouldn’t tax it. The Governor sure as hell thinks it’s about revenue. (watch Wirths’ full remarks below).”

Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D-14) voted yes.

So did Assemblyman Joe Danielsen (D-17), Assemblyman Gary Schaer (D-36), Assemblyman John Burzichelli (D-3), Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin (D-29), Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-20), and Assemblyman Jamel Holley (D-20).

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3 responses to “Assemblymembers Pass Marijuana Legalization Bill out of Committee”

  1. If Dems had any b@lls (they don’t), they would do what republicans do which is skewer their opponents for being pro-crime! They’d quote assemblyman Hal Wirth who wants to keep marijuana illegal, make a dried weed worth the price of silver, and create and subsidize violent criminals with tax free profits unlike any legal industry.

    • The cretions who are against marijuana are mainly a larhe group pg alcoholics and big pharma stock holders
      70% of the people in our country favor legalization. When a government keeps hoing against its people , the civil wars begin. Shut down alcohol. NOTHING is the cause pg death yhroigh out thr eorld more then alchol

      • We didn’t end alcohol prohibition because alcohols is safe. We ended prohibition because alcohol is dangerous and prohibition only makes it more so.

        We won’t convince prohibitionists that weed is safe (even though it mostly is), we should AGREE with them that it is dangerous – ALL drugs can be dangerous. Which is why we regulate them.

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