At Capitol Hill Pep Rally, Trump Promises to Campaign With Tom Kean Jr.



Today, convicted felon Donald Trump promised to campaign with Tom Kean Jr.

Proving just how out of touch they are, House Republicans came out of their far-right pep rallyfired up” as Trump pushed for all of them to fall in line to help him raise costs on working families, give a massive tax break to the ultra-wealthy, embrace extreme abortion restrictions, attack law enforcement… and attack Taylor Swift?

Kean Jr. will no doubt join his colleagues in praising Trump and his dangerous agenda even after the disastrous meeting.

DCCC Spokesperson Aidan Johnson:
“In a gross display of fealty to a wannabe dictator, Tom Kean Jr. has pledged his loyalty to Trump and his radical efforts to once again rip away reproductive freedoms, raise costs on families while giving handouts to billionaires, and undermine our legal system. Kean Jr.’s blind loyalty will cost him in November.”




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5 responses to “At Capitol Hill Pep Rally, Trump Promises to Campaign With Tom Kean Jr.”

  1. Disgusting article. The old leftist playbook, when you can’t beat your opponent on the issues, use demagogic ad hominem remarks. Whoever put this slop lame article together needs to take a basic writing course.

    Aidan Johnson is delusional and out of touch!

  2. Not exactly sure if Keane is deemed a known associate of the convicted felon who openly seeks to dissolve the United States Constitution. The same serial bankruptcy artist sexual predator, who was a known Epstein associate or, if Keane is already an unindictrd co-conspirator of the architect of the J6 violent insurrection that attempted to subvert an election? Or if Keane is currently planning an active second reich putsch but one thing is for sure he bears close scrutiny by federal investigators for his association with someone who openly advocates for his being dictator who happens to be on trial for pilfering highly classified government documents allegedly shared with others ?

  3. Former Republican Longwell Sez:
    Donald Trump and this version of the Republican Party does not like America,” she said. “The old version of the Republican Party did like America, they thought it was great, they wanted to help other places in the world become functional democracies like America was, but Donald Trump doesn’t like America and these voters want to burn things down and Trump is their chaos agent to do it.”

  4. I am not sure that Trump is radically, “ripping away reproductive freedoms” like a dictator.
    “But like Ronald Reagan, you have three choices: life of the mother, rape and incest, but you have to follow your own heart.” said Trump in the excerpt from X used in this article. That doesn’t sound like a fanatic. It sounds like he may have a heart.
    I am not a lover of Donald Trump, but I am also not a lover of gaslighting.
    The United States Supreme Court’s unanimous ruling to ensure access to an abortion pill was written by Justice Brett Kavanaugh?????
    There were 2,000 more abortions in the United States over-all in the year post-Dobbs????
    What is gross is fear mongering and hoodwinking using an extremally personal issue, that in my opinion as no place in politics.

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