Atalaya Armstrong Announcing Run for Trenton West Ward Council Seat

City Council candidate Atalaya Armstrong said she is committed to advancing the interests of Trenton’s West Ward residents.
She will advocate for a fairer democratic process, push for economic initiatives grounded inCommunity – Business partnerships and bring professionalism back to the seat of the people, Armstrong said.
Trenton born and raised, she married her husband and raised her three children in the West Ward.
Twenty-six years ago, with the birth of her first daughter she realized she had to get involved and work to improve her Community and Society, she said. With a passion for advocacy, Armstrong said she successfully organized and lobbied in the Nation’s Capital and New Jersey Statehouse.

She currently serves as Chair for Trenton Historic Development Collaborative, and is Chief Steward for Local 2285, AFSCME, an Ambassador for the Trenton Police Department and an At-Large Member of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

She holds a Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Social Sciences from Thomas Edison State University.
“To progressively move our city forward, a robust collective of Trentonians need to step up. We need to take back local government, re-engage our communities, and hold elected officials accountable to do their jobs. There will be challenges, Yes, but we can achieve great things.  
This election is a defining moment so let’s use this momentum to make a difference for your family and mine”
–         Atalaya Armstrong
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