Bayonne Mayor Davis: Two More COVID-19 Fatalities, 136 Cases Total as of Tuesday


From the City of Bayonne:

Mayor Davis has instructed OEM to keep residents informed on all the latest information related to this health emergency.

Here are the latest stats:

NJ Residents Positive – 18,696
NJ Residents Negative – 27,077
Hudson County Residents Positive – 1,606
Bayonne Residents CURRENTLY Positive – 136*

*This number reflects Bayonne residents that are CURRENTLY positive. Recovered residents are no longer counted as positive. All current positive patients are under appropriate isolation/quarantine protocols. As Mayor Davis has been advising us, MOST people that become ill will recover well. In fact, most of the people that are currently positive are at home recovering. The Mayor has informed us that at least half-dozen of the past positive residents have already recovered and are no longer being counted. The CDC states that once a COVID-19 positive patient has gone three days without a fever (w/o meds), and its been seven days since the onset of symptoms, that person is RECOVERED. Medical professional state recovered patients are no longer required to isolate, nor are they contagious or susceptible to this virus.

BayonneMedicalCenter/CarePoint Testing – The BMC is testing patients of CarePoint doctors and Bayonne First Responders/Healthcare workers beginning tomorrow. As more test kits arrive (eyeing next week), testing will be made available to patients of all doctors in our community. ONLY PATIENTS WITH A SCRIPT AND APPOINTMENT ARE ACCEPTED FOR TESTING AT THIS SITE. DO NOT SHOW UP WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT.

The following is a robocall message from Bayonne Mayor Davis:

‘It is my sad duty to advise you that we lost two more Bayonne residents to the Coronavirus yesterday: a 93 year old woman and a 38 year old woman.  Our entire city grieves these losses, and we offer our condolences to the families.  Although the Coronavirus does not discriminate when choosing its victims, it is the elderly and those who have pre-existing conditions and weakened immune systems who are especially hard-hit by this virus.  The stay at home and social distancing directives that we have been following are designed to protect the most vulnerable in our community. We need to continue following these directives so that we can slow the spread of this virus and protect those who are least able to protect themselves.

Besides all the directives about staying at home and washing your hands, I do want to discuss a few things with you.  The first of these is the subject of scammers. It saddens and angers me to no end that there are people out there who would try to use this crisis to steal money from those who don’t know any better.   The latest scam involves phone calls requesting personal information from people so that they can to receive their “stimulus checks” and other cash rewards.  THIS IS A SCAM. NEVER GIVE ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION TO ANYONE OVER THE PHONE. Our government doesn’t make phone calls like that and the IRS will never contact you by phone.  If you receive a call asking for your personal information, hang up the phone.  It’s as simple as that.

The second matter concerns the amount of used protective gloves and masks that we are seeing tossed about on our streets and sidewalks.  Please folks, be considerate.  DO NOT TOSS your trash on the ground during this crisis, especially protective gloves and masks! Besides the mess it makes, think about the safety of your fellow residents.  Make sure that you dispose of gloves and masks properly, in a garbage bag, tightly secured.

Thank you all for your cooperation.  Continue to keep the families of those lost and suffering in your prayers.  Thank you. Be safe and be healthy.’

The statewide COVID-19 case count is 22,255 as of Wednesday afternoon, with 355 fatalities total.

COVID-19 Cases by County
Data is provisional and subsequent to revision.

4,512 Positives Pending Further Information

Bergen County:

3,494 Positive Test Result(s)

75 Deaths

Essex County:

2,262 Positive Test Result(s)

69 Deaths

Hudson County:

1,910 Positive Test Result(s)

29 Deaths

Union County:

1,661 Positive Test Result(s)

29 Deaths

Passaic County:

1,494 Positive Test Result(s)

15 Deaths

Middlesex County:

1,493 Positive Test Result(s)

27 Deaths

Monmouth County:

1,301 Positive Test Result(s)

24 Deaths

Ocean County:

1,209 Positive Test Result(s)

23 Deaths

Morris County:

942 Positive Test Result(s)

25 Deaths

Somerset County:

472 Positive Test Result(s)

15 Deaths

Mercer County:

333 Positive Test Result(s)

3 Deaths

Camden County:

289 Positive Test Result(s)

3 Deaths

Burlington County:

255 Positive Test Result(s)

5 Deaths

Sussex County:

158 Positive Test Result(s)

6 Deaths

Gloucester County:

149 Positive Test Result(s)

2 Deaths

Hunterdon County:

117 Positive Test Result(s)

0 Deaths

Warren County:

96 Positive Test Result(s)

3 Deaths

Atlantic County:

40 Positive Test Result(s)

0 Deaths

Cumberland County:

27 Positive Test Result(s)

1 Deaths

Cape May County:

22 Positive Test Result(s)

0 Deaths

Salem County:

19 Positive Test Result(s)

1 Deaths

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