Bear Hunt Rubber Stamp Disgraceful


“In one of the most shameful mood for today the Fish and kill Wildlife Council rubber stamped the bear hunt . They did it through emergency rule making even though there is no emergency. This means that in  60 days they have to adopt a permanent rule. So today’s vote will mean be hunting for the for this year and then the next seven years. This ties  the hands of the next Governor.

What governor Murphy did today is disgraceful pushing through this harmful management plan .Instead of using sound science  he used Political Science. This more about him running for President and getting votes in New Hampshire, Iowa and Pennsylvania than it is about managing bears in NJ .This why Gov Murphy is the Pander Bear.

There is no emergency with bears in NJ .The number of bears is around the same the been over the last 25 years.The number of complaints are up this year over last year because if the drought. The number of complaints are in the middle range of complaints over the last 25 years The numbers significantly less then many years and half of the numbers of years like 2014 .Gov Murphy is doing the hunt as emergency rule to get around public process and input .This is Democratic and violation of the Administrative Procedures Act. However he will not sign an emergency rule for  climate change ,flooding, cleaning up toxic site or protecting our drinking water  but he will do it to shoot bears.
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3 responses to “Bear Hunt Rubber Stamp Disgraceful”

  1. Governor Murphy is a shameful human doing .. not a human being capable of empathy .

    Bears are instinctively looking for food and water .
    The real ANIMALS are the that come in with guns and bow and arrows and kill these innocent bears..

    Close your trash cans !!

  2. I fully agree with Jeff’s sentiment but did he bother to read what he wrote? Simple editing would have made this more credible.

  3. Toni is right!
    Absolutely not necessary!
    He lied!
    You invade their habitat and then some don’t keep their trash where they should!
    I have two friends who live in bear country for years and have never had an issue with a bear because they follow the rules!
    Killing innocent animals who are just being animals and trying to live.
    How many cubs will be left without mothers after this?

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