Beck Nabs the Support of Local Democratic Councilman from Freehold

Running in a battleground district, state Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11) today received the endorsement today of Democratic Freehold Borough Councilman Jaye Sims.
An 11-year member of the Freehold Borough Council, Sims talked up Beck’s record of delivering results for Freehold Borough and its overcrowded, underfunded schools as the main reason for his across-the-aisle endorsement.
“Senator Jennifer Beck has always been an independent voice who has consistently been an advocate for our residents, our children and our schools,” said the Democrat. “Senator Beck has been instrumental in obtaining additional funding for Freehold Borough’s public schools, culminated in her success in securing $25 million in capital funding to renovate and enlarge Freehold Borough’s schools.”
Beck, up against a stiff challenge from former Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vin Gopal, loved it.
“I’m honored to receive Councilman Sims’ endorsement for this November’s election,’ said the Republican senator. “Voters in this district understand that this election is far too important to merely focus on political party. My record of working in bipartisan way, with Governors of both political parties to obtain additional funding for our underfunded and overcrowded schools, is what drives voters to support me in my re-election campaign. I look forward to working with Councilman Sims in the future to make Freehold Borough and all of District 11 a more affordable place to live.”
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