Biden has Definitely Decided to Seek Reelection – and Harris now has a Stake in Georgia Senate Outcome

Two developments last week signaled that Joe Biden has definitely decided to seek reelection. His decision would only be reversed in the event of an unforeseen development, health or otherwise. The first development is the report that the Biden White House is seeking to hire full time Terry McAuliffe, former Democrat governor of Virginia. He is among the very top Democratic political operatives in the nation. You do not hire Terry McAuliffe for a policy position. You appoint him at this point of his career strictly as a political consigliere, and this is the role he will play in Biden Campaign 2024,

The second harbinger of Biden Campaign 2024 was the Biden state dinner for French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday night, December 1. Take a look at the dinner guest list. It was a campaign-oriented list without question.

Biden had previously announced that if he ran for reelection, Vice President Kamala Harris would again be his running mate. Thus far, as Vice President, Harris has been something less than a raving political success. The expected reelection victory tonight of Senator Raphael Warnock over Herschel “Father’s Day” Walker, however, will provide Kamala with a fresh political opportunity.

With the Senate presently deadlocked at 50-50, Harris at times is limited in her options to travel outside Washington, because her presence at the Capitol may be needed to break any 50-50 deadlock. A Warnock reelection victory will remove this limitation, and Harris will be freer to display her oratorical talents outside Washington.

Meanwhile, there is no truth whatsoever to the rumor that after the Georgia election, NJGOP Chair Bob Hugin will ask Herschel Walker to head an NJGOP task force on misogyny.

Alan J. Steinberg served as regional administrator of Region 2 EPA during the administration of former President George W. Bush and as executive director of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.

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One response to “Biden has Definitely Decided to Seek Reelection – and Harris now has a Stake in Georgia Senate Outcome”

  1. YES……President Biden go for it!!!
    I feel secure in knowing our President cares for our country and its residents.

    DISAPPOINTED…..that there is no truth to the Bob Hugin/ Herschel Walker rumors.
    Now that we know Herschel Walker will have more free time, flawed as he is, I doubt he would call a Congressional Representative a despicable name.
    Bob Hugin did apologize to Rep. Mikie Sherrill.
    However, There are certain thoughts, statements…..

    Interesting column, Alan Steinberg, keep up the
    the good work\writing.

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