Biden and the Right-Wing Media Scourge

Biden touches down.

America’s economy is very strong and much of the reason is because of policies and actions taken by the Biden Administration.  Yet, that success isn’t reflected in the President’s approval ratings.  When this question is put to pundits and think tank denizens they spout thousands of words of analysis, but miss entirely the real reason.

Nowhere in this storm of gibberish do any of these people point out the negative effect on Biden’s approval rating caused by the 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year hate media.  There are millions of people who listen to Fox- or Fox-like stations and never hear that the unemployment rate is the lowest in 60 years. This misdirection is amplified by millions of social media posts put on line by the dung beetles of society.

“Biden Crime family” is a common theme; or simply “failed presidency” or “is a wannabe dictator,” or “promotes grooming and pedophilia” or “deep in the grip” of a faltering old age. Credible evidence is never presented except for the fact that President Biden is 80 years old.

Not only is the right-wing media on constant attack, but the more responsible outlets pick up and cover the charges brought by crazed, mendacious and malicious members of the Republican party in Congress.

Figures like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Green make ridiculous charges which are carried by legitimate news outlets, adding to the din of negativity about the President.  Not too long ago these two cretins would have never been elected to anything.  They are kin to the soap-box shouters at 42nd and 8th  in Midtown Manhattan during the 50’s and 60’s who were mostly ignored by passers-by.

Hate media has become omnipresent.  It’s a lot more than just Fox with its unceasing shrill lies.  There are thousands of hate-filled websites, hundreds of radio and tv stations and dozens of well-funded political action committees spewing vile nonsense about the president and yet when asked to comment about Biden’s “low approval ratings” pundits, even those on National Public Radio talk about “the American people not feeling the positive effects of Biden’s policies and actions.” A large segment of America is not feeling the positive effects of a very strong economy because what they listen to and view tells them things are bad.

We are being inundated by a tidal wave of bovine defecation both intentional and derivative and it appears that it will only get worse.

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9 responses to “Biden and the Right-Wing Media Scourge”

  1. How about the fact that wages haven’t kept up with Joe’s inflation? Maybe it’s the 7.5% mortgage rate? Maybe that’s why people think the economy is bad and poor Joe’s numbers are in the tank?

  2. In what sheltered world do you live? I bet y’all never expected a non-Democrat to be in this echo chamber lol. This was the most backwards, asinine and selectively ignorant analysis I’ve heard in a while. Not only do you miss the ENTIRE point of the beliefs of half of this country, you almost seem as though you genuinely believe calling half of the country “dung beetles” is somehow going to make people care about your judgment and decide that your views are superior? Like you can just morally manipulate the rest of us, such as you do to yourselves every time the wind changes? None of you seem to care that stuff for regular people like me is still outrageously more expensive than it was four years ago. None of you seem to remember the fact that the “pandemic” and its associated lockdowns were entirely facilitated by Democratic mayors and governors, that every run backless run of cash at the US mint was sponsored by Democrats? How can you look at a party focused on amplifying spending and believe that they will in any way REDUCE the debt? Has that worked for anyone, ever? Ask ANY poor person with bad credit, and they can tell you that spending beyond your means is a mistake. It doesn’t take a nonsense economics degree to understand the concept of balance. Yeah, even in “far right” states like mine, Idaho, we still felt the repercussions of your butterfly effect BS. I guarantee this author does not have any financial woes, but that doesn’t give you license to just ignore the reality for everyone else. The Orange Man, the NRA, Tucker Carlson and white supremacy are always the problem even when they are completely irrelevant to the issue. The right is always to blame and it’s beyond childish. What’s worse is that if Trump had done ANY of the things Biden has done, every single one of you would have a collective aneurism (isn’t that how socialism works lol?). The economy isn’t sound just because your curated stock portfolio is diverse, just like the people of this country won’t unite simply because you disparage them and sanctimoniously demand it. Republicans suck too, don’t get me wrong, but Democrats are the party of blatant, cliché hypocrisy, and they, ironically, are the only ones not able to see it. However, as one final point, I will humor you and hypothetically entertain your premise. With that said, how can you possibly expect the world to treat Joe Biden any differently, after the seven years of incessant nonsense we have heard from the left about Trump? Joe Biden is an objectively terrible president, but even if he were not, he would still be getting the same treatment out of sheer balanced spite, and it is precisely people like this author, frothing at the mouth with baseless loathing towards people you don’t even know, that put those people in that reactionary position (and more importantly, validates their motivation for feeling that way). My big point is, regardless of your feelings or perception on a matter, you will never get anywhere by literally calling everyone different than you “scum”. It’s not difficult. You should really go meet some libertarians and learn what actual right wing politics are about, a little live and let live, instead of presuming that big government Republicans are any different from big government Democrats. Y’all are so out of touch with the common man it is pathetic. It’s really ironic, though unsurprising, that the party of “tolerance” has to be constantly reminded to play nicely with others. 🙄

  3. Bob Grant: Useful idiot, gaslighter, projectionist, propagandist. Grant is nothing more than a communist propaganda sympathizer. The only reason unemployment is low in the Biden Administration is because all of the pre-pandemic workers are coming back into the workforce. It has nothing to do with Bidenomics.

    The only Media Scourge I see is that of the Communist propaganda networks of CNN (Communist News Network), MSLSD, CBS (Communist Broadcasting System), NBC (Nazi Broadcasting Co.), and ABC (Anti-American Broadcasting Corp.), attacking Conservatives, Republicans and President Trump every single minute of every single day. These communist propaganda agents are the real scum of the earth. And, they do it without one iota of proof; while so-called “Right Wing” media provides everyone with fair and factual news reporting exposing the Biden Racketeering Crime Family, and the Obama Cabal working as the Deep State.

    And, the best thing that could happen right now, is that we disband the FED, who’s controlling the interest rates, mortgage rates, and other financial rates. Why? Because they are making obscene billions and trillions of dollars on the interest rates, and every time they make a public comment that causes the markets to move. Those running the FED and the other elitists are making a financial killing based on the FED’s interference with interest and mortgage rates. Inflation wouldn’t be happening if the FED left it alone.

    Watch what happens when you cut federal income taxes. The inflation will drop like a rock, along with interest rates on everything. But, the FED and the Democrats don’t want that. They want to control our financial lives and economy to create more power and control over us. The Democrat-Communists and the FED need to leave all Americans alone and let them create their own wealth and expand the free market to drive our economy positively.

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