Booed and Catcalled, Senate President Steve Sweeney Ends Path to Progress Event without Question Session

Edward Henderson and William Osborne of the Paterson Education Association say that Senate President Steve Sweeney's group of Path to Progress bills double down on broken plans. They say Sweeney's consistent attacks on public workers in NJ can not be allowed to continue.

On the same day he dropped legislation on precisely his favorite subject, Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) pulled the plug on his Rutgers-New Brunswick Path to Progress event after 27 minutes.

A contingent of Working Families Alliance protesters, 17th District progressives and public sector union muscle showed up to boo and blow whistles.

One of their ranks wandered around with a crown on his head doing an impersonation of South Jersey power broker George Norcross III, a Sweeney ally.

They met resistance from the stage.

But after making his presentation, Sweeney said he was done, if anyone submitted a question, he and his team would email the answer.

Working Families NJ shared this video on Facebook:

Reporters who were present captured several video clips of the raucous event, and read’s Brent Johnson’s report on the town hall:


See’s video of the protester’s singing Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It Anymore:


The ‘King George Norcross’

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5 responses to “Booed and Catcalled, Senate President Steve Sweeney Ends Path to Progress Event without Question Session”

    • We are very clear why people despise state workers (which the protestors in this video are not): people want public services without paying a decent wage for them, and are mad that state workers and other public employees, who are also taxpayers, dare to stick up for themselves.

  1. God Bless Governor Phil Murphy and his ability and desire to truly care for all of the people of New Jersey. Don’t become discouraged Governor. “And this too shall come to pass”.
    Bob Knapp, Jersey City

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