Booker Hires Downey as National Director for State Communications

Insider NJ's Fred Snowflack argues that Cory Booker's strategy for boosting his lagging popularity in the Democratic Primary for the 2020 presidential election is weakening the advantage he has among voters who are energized to get rid of President Donald Trump.

Julie McClain Downey, “most recently the senior director of campaign communications for EMILY’s List, a group focused on electing Democratic women, has signed on as Booker’s national director of state communications,” according to CNN.

“Downey brings deep knowledge of the key primary state of New Hampshire, having worked there as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 state communications director and, before that, as communications director for the New Hampshire Democratic Party.”

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  • 1Prop

    #6 in Iowa. Spartacus is going down the same path as Christie. The rest of the country has always been leery of New Jerseyans, particularly Jersey pols. Christie destroyed what little brand NJ had. All the primary opponents have to do is run the photos of Booker with Christie on Oprah, Newark, etc. and he’s toast.

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