Bramnick Basks in Applause at Musella Fundraiser

PARSIPPANY – Jon Bramnick on Thursday night compared Justin Musella to a “first round draft choice.”

High praise indeed.

State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Bramnick was certainly being complimentary, but this observation was great fodder for cynics.

Patrick Mahomes was a first round draft choice. So far so good.

But so was Zach Wilson. Ugh.

Musella is only a few years into his tenure on the township council, so his political future at the moment still has to be written.  But he has to hope his career emulates that of Mahomes, not Wilson.

The event was a Musella fundraiser at Miller’s Ale House. About 125 people attended, including Bramnick and state Assemblyman Brian Bergen.

Musella made a point of saying he wants to work with all people in the township, including the board of education.

The interesting thing here was that school boards and municipal councils are sometimes at odds, which was the case recently in Parsippany when the council approved PILOT agreements that the BOE opposed. Musella opposed the PILOTs.

This night, however, was not the time for political fights. Musella said only that he will continue to oppose “special interests” and that Parsippany, the largest town in Morris County, has “untapped potential.”

As for Bramnick, his association with Musella goes back to the beginning of the young man’s career. Bramnick was a guest at one of Musella’s earliest events.

Now the senator from nearby Union County is running for governor. He was introduced as one of those “rare Republicans” who gets things done and was warmly received by the crowd.

When he spoke, Bergen alluded to an uncomfortable subject – the Republicans’ disappointing election last fall. The party lost six seats in the Assembly, dropping its membership in the 80-seat chamber from 34 to 28.

But there’s no need to fret. Bergen assured the audience that the GOP’s future is “very, very bright.”

He suggested that the key metric is quality, not quantity. Bergen said:

“The Republican Party (in Trenton) might be shrinking in numbers, but we’re increasing in competence.”


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6 responses to “Bramnick Basks in Applause at Musella Fundraiser”

  1. I’ll bet the reporter who wrote this useless story did not have to travel far to write it. Parsippany, Really??!! I know tolls and gas are expensive, but would it hurt so much to travel south on the Parkway, or even on the Turnpike, and write about political happenings below I-195?

  2. Mr. Bramnick’s endorsement of and praise for Mr Musella is right on the money and should be noted by Parsippany residents regardless of political affiliation. For far too long common sense and working for the common good has been sacrificed by self serving politicians like Parsippany’s current Mayor Barberio b who lacks the experience and skills to respond to the myriad of financial and safety issues facing Parsippany. It’s time for a change and it’s time for leaders like Justin Musella to take charge

  3. How does a Republican, who is a rapid NeverTrumper that constantly makes repugnant vile comments about our Presidential nominee, get to bask in applause from other Republicans?! UNCREDULUS!

  4. Jon is a very hard working guy. I’ve known him for many years. Probably best Republican I know after Tom kean. Jr.
    I’m a democrat.
    Jon is always there for you if he’s a friend. Politics aside a real enntlemen and azmensch.

  5. A gentleman? LOL! A gentleman does talk disparagingly about his party’s nominee for president like he does! He is worse than Pelosi and Schumer! It’s no wonder Bramnick is the Democrats’ favorite Republican. He’s strongly pro-choice, terrible on the 2nd amendment, silent on illegal immigration, and most important, he despises and hates Trump.
    Bramnick and Democrats perfect together!

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