Bramnick has a Question for ‘Trumpers’ Ciattarelli and Spadea


Republican gubernatorial candidate Jon Bramnick has a message for Jack Ciattarelli and Bill Spadea as his fellow Republicans wrestle with each other in effort to prove greater allegiance to Donald Trump.

Kitchen Table Conservatives, a PAC headed up by former Trump consultant Kellyanne Conway, slapped Spadea for slapping Trump, and now the shock jock radio host – and potential 2025 guv hopeful – is supposedly playing more than just footsy for Trump’s good graces.

Formally announcing his own gubernatorial bid in Freehold on Tuesday, Ciattarelli, too, backs Trump


for President.

Not Bramnick.

“If we’re a party of law and order and the president doesn’t accept 60 court decisions on an election then goes out and inspires a riot, we have a problem,” the state senator from Union County told InsiderNJ. “My question to the two Trumpers is this, “If there is a decision he likes, he will enforce it, and a decision he doesn’t like, he won’t enforce it. The problem is the administration is supposed to enforce those decisions. How do you explain to the public how you are for law and order when you support a president who picks and chooses those decisions he supports, and who would not


react to a riot at the U.S. Capitol?

“I would accept those court decisions,” Bramnick. “You cannot stand for law and order and pick and choose. I stand for law and order.”

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9 responses to “Bramnick has a Question for ‘Trumpers’ Ciattarelli and Spadea”

  1. Sorry Bramnick, you’re just another ambulance-chasing lawyer leftist lawyer. You’re nothing more than a RINO or Democrat-Lite. Your moderate Republican types are nothing more than dinosaurs. Your days as a RINO are over, and you should retire and go back to playing a bad stand-up comedian.

  2. Was it an insurrection or a riot gone bad? Was it over 500 peaceful protests in the summer of 2020 or riots gone bad? Was it 6 six feet of separation and a mask or a mandate lacking scientific backing? Was it censorship or the spread of disinformation? Was it malinformation, a new word , or a facts no one wants to acknowledge?
    Are you a Trumptard or a dinosaur? Are we divided as a country by those who rather insult than debate? I hope not.

  3. Rather than stupid name calling, I’m interested in Bramnick and the other candidates’ positions in property taxes, New Jersey’s energy future, making housing more plentiful / affordable and reforming the public sector pensions.

  4. New Jersey Republican: Bramnick and other Republicans’
    don’t have any position on Property Taxes. They like kicking the can down the road, instead of taking on the NJEA and their $2 MILLION DOLLAR/YEAR president (and mayor of Montclair) and telling them they are going to disconnect education taxes from property taxes and link education taxes to income and sales taxes like most other states do.

    The so-called Republicans like Bramnick are double-dealing lawyers that talk out of both sides of their mouths to appease all sides. They don’t have the guts or cajones to take on Democrats or the Teachers’ Unions. Given that lawyers are the 2nd or 3rd biggest bloc of politicians in the Legislature (and most are Democrat-Communists), why should they change anything that is going to negatively affect their pocket books???

  5. Whoever is the next Governor will have to address the state of affairs are schools find themselves in presently. Funding formula not working, shortage of qualified teachers with tenure teachers retiring early and a decline of teacher candidates in the pipeline, 6th most segregated school system in the nation due to home rule, students locked in failing schools with no way out, prospective legislation to eliminate the 2 percent cap on property taxes causing taxes to increase, majority of teacher union dues being used to fund a super PAC , “Saving Democracy “ and other political actions, politics have entered the classroom, equity is questionable, discipline in the classroom not supporting teachers and most importantly the unprecedented learning loss because NJ schools were unnecessarily closed too long during the pandemic and no one approached a resolution with any sense of urgency. Which is pretty shameful. But, New Jersey’s schools are the envy of the nation.

  6. It is called “Protecting our Democracy” – NJEA the founding donor. Its mission is to, “restore confidence in government and unity in our country.” .
    It uses union dues to fund political ambitions without the knowledge of its hard working union members.
    That is a great deal of money that could go back to support the teachers in the classroom.
    What is shameful are NJ’s test scores. Third grade reading proficiency statewide score is 42% with Newark scores at 19.1%. Seventh graders’ proficiency in math is 34%. The test results show persistent disparities. Protecting democracy begins with the development of a mind for all children. You learn to read so that you can read to learn and become a life-long learner and critical thinker, and a productive member of a working society.

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