Bramnick: ‘I’m Going to Let the Voters of Sussex County Decide’


In response to Democratic Assembly Campaign Committee Executive Director Mark Matzen demanding the resignation of Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24), Assembly Republican Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) laughed in friendly derision.

“I ‘m going to let the voters of Sussex County decide,” Bramnick told InsiderNJ. “Parker Space is a businessman with a record. I may disagree with the way he expresses himself about certain things, but it’s not up to the leadership of the party to tell people who to vote for. I may disagree with him, but there are many people in the legislature who called each other names over the last number of years. Name-calling is not something I would engage in.

“I’ve spoken out against the Confederate Flag, but when did they name me decision-maker for Sussex County?” Bramnick wanted to know. “As a state assemblyman I think he’s a good representative for his district.”

As for Speaker Vincent Prieto’s DACC-spearheaded plan to go after pickups in Republican districts in an attempt to paste together a caucus majority, the minority leader said, “I think Democrats have a lot of money from a lot of special interests. If you have money you like to spend it. We’re going to fight Democrats. They may play but then take a position on high density housing in those districts. What’s their position, for example, on $1.3 billion in new taxes advocated by their gubernatorial candidate?

“We will fight them,” Bramnick added.

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