Bruce James Fires off a Letter at Speziale


Police Director Speziale,

It has come to my attention that you and your campaign team have been pushing around a video from 13 years ago in which I said positive things about your previous tenure as Passaic County Sheriff.  While there is no way for me to stop you from continuing down this disingenuous path, I am writing today to request one very simple thing.

I know it’s not your strong suit but try and be honest about the nature of these remarks and provide some critical context.

In the video, I remarked how my “thoughts and prayers are with him and his family” out of respect for your wife’s horrible cancer diagnosis.  I believe you will remember that I was going through my own difficult health issues at the time and the sympathy I felt for your family’s situation in that moment was based in compassion and humanity.  At the time, I said you were a “great sheriff” and you had “done wonders for that department”.

Unfortunately, there were many things I simply could not have known.

First and foremost, the dangerous and dysfunctional manner in which you ran your department had yet to be uncovered.  Once you left, the rampant lawsuits under your watch came to light along with the millions of dollars in settlements and attorney’s fees Passaic County taxpayers were forced to pay.  That horrific mismanagement is enough to be disqualifying, but it almost pales in comparison to the significant character issues I later read about with great disappointment.

At the time, I was also unaware that you had conspired with Governor Christie and other top Republicans to abandon your post as County Sheriff to accept a job at the Port Authority in a plot to decimate the Passaic County Democratic Party, an incident later confirmed in a sworn affidavit by a top Port Authority official.

Unfortunately, there was also no way for me to know at the time that you were lying about your plans to donate your Democratic campaign contributions to charity and that you would hold on to the money for your own political gain almost 15 years later.  That level of duplicity is almost impossible to fathom.

Now, my strong endorsement of Chief Thomas Adamo for the Passaic County Sheriff’s position is based on his almost three decades of true public service and work within communities throughout Passaic County with Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

Of course, it is important for Democratic Primary voters to recognize your previous endorsement of a Republican for Sheriff against Sheriff Berdnik in his 2013 re-election campaign and the time you allowed your name to appear on a mailer endorsing the Republican candidate for Surrogate in 2021.

But, again, you continued to lower the bar with your endorsement for Pennsylvania Congressman Dan Meuser. Rep. Meuser, a proudly pro-MAGA Trump apologist who sought to invalidate Pennsylvania’s 2020 election results and remains a staunch advocate in the fight to strip away women’s rights.

Based on your history, I can’t reasonably expect you to do the right thing in this situation.  But I can at least make the request that you and your campaign provide the proper context as you reference a 13 year old video in your latest effort to selfishly fail upwards.


Passaic County Commissioner Bruce James

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20 responses to “Bruce James Fires off a Letter at Speziale”

  1. Pathetic that Bruce James waited 15 years and had Jerry walk for him last year and thanked him for helping in his reelection. Contradictory at best.

    Jerry Speziale walked with democrats last year and I will send you the walk the walk invitations with his name. Speziale was thanked publicly by John Currie on election night this last year. What’s wrong with the picture here. Not truthful.

  2. Pathetic that Bruce James waited 15 years and had Jerry walk for him last year and thanked him for helping in his reelection. Contradictory at best.

    Jerry Speziale walked with democrats last year and I will send you the walk the walk invitations with his name. Speziale was thanked publicly by John Currie on election night this last year. What’s wrong with the picture here. Not truthful.

  3. It never ceases to amaze me that the Democrats continue to eat each other in Passaic County and New Jersey. All the while, they are destroying this once beautiful state with the highest property-education taxes in the nation, fourth highest state income tax, 12th highest sales tax, and top 10 in highest gasoline taxes when they were bottom 10 only a few years ago. Democrats have financially ruined this state, and becoming the No. 1 state for mass emigration by NJ residents and their assets to leave for no tax or less tax states, friendlier climates for businesses and friendlier climates for protection of Constitutional rights, specifically the 2nd Amendment.

    Jerry Speziale did the Passaic County residents well. He kept the crime down in the county, controlled the jail budgets and kept crime down in currently crime-riddled Paterson (which has been recently ranked in the Top 100 nationwide as one of the most dangerous violent crime cities).

    And, why is Paterson so crime-riddled now??? Because Democrats and a Democrat Sheriff (who committed suicide because he was under investigation for corruption and bribery, among other crimes) willfully refused to do their jobs in protecting the resident of Paterson and Passaic County.

    Bruce James is a fraud and a gas-lighting narcissist. He didn’t mind when Jerry Speziale supported him in his campaign, but now that the shoe is on the other foot, James trashes Speziale at every turn. My question is this: What is James hiding that he has to trash Speziale because he’s scared of Jerry being elected as the Passaic County Sheriff?????

  4. Jerry speziale is a washed up two bit politician, all he cares about is being on camera and doing anything to take advantage of people. He is dishonest and everyone can see right through him. Where is the 500k you “donated” in your wifes name? How do you collect pensions while also being paid a yearly salry? I think its time for Jerry to hang it up and retire to save face, he is going to lose this election by a landslide , he has almost 0 endorsements from local officials, he is going to suffer a serious ego death when he sees the numbers, or hes going to act like his buddy Trump and insist the election was “stolen” from him. Just look at Paterson PD under his “leadership” numerous paterson pd officers have been convicted, i wonder how many times Jerry swept other instances under the rug.

  5. Speziale is genuinely a peice of trash who belongs in the jail not running it. What is even more disgusting is he has his daughter fighting his battles now, so i guess its fair game. Does “DLG”know how many times Jerry was seeing numerous different women when his wife was sick dying of cancer? I guess DLG didnt care for her mother the same way Speziale didnt. Does DLG also know how her daddy was doing cocaine? I wonder if DLG knows where the campaign funds that were “donated” are. Obviously DLG is benefiting from her fathers 2 pensions as well as being paid a salary as patersons saftey director. I think DLG who is anything but an innocent little girl should go back to being a tramp (ask anyone in wayne hills about her lol) and stay out of politics. Jerry you are a pathetic excuse for a human.

  6. Hello , whoever you may be , obviously someone extremely bitter . First off let me start by saying you have the wrong daughter you’re calling those disgusting vulgar words to , calling my 21 baby sister a tramp , if you’re going to call out the right sister my names Francesca I’m the one you must be speaking of . You are truly a sick soul to attack a child on here for supporting her father and to make accusations about him and our mother who is dead . I am a mother of two and married , so again call me every damn name you want it means nothing to me, but it does when you are directing at a child . Keep your mouth and evil words to yourself or direct them at the person you actually have the issue with not a child defending her father . Please do me a favor get your facts straight before you go after the wrong kid . I can handle your demeaning trash words cause that’s obviously all you are . Get a life please and stop attacking innocent children . As a matter of fact in stead of being a keyboard warrior contact me in person , and we can settle it face to face .

  7. Comment number 7 is disgusting. How sad and pathetic your life must be that you choose to attack and slander someone in the way you just did. And not only that, you attack the person’s deceased wife and children.

    If you’re not a supporter of his and share different views, that’s fine. But to post on a public forum those horrific, personal attacks about a man and his family, especially his young daughter, you are truly disturbed. I can’t imagine your comment being received well by anyone with any human decency.

    Clearly from your writing, you’re not well educated so I’m not surprised why you would say such horrible things about Jerry. He was great at his job as Sheriff and you know it. He’s loved by all the people who matter, which is: Passaic County voters. This is why you’re resorting to desperate and cruel tactics. How could you resort to saying horrific, evil things and mocking a young girl and speaking about her sick mother? Your insecurity shows. Hopefully you get the help you clearly need.

  8. Can we talk about how pathetic and desperate the passaic county democrats look? Seriously it is beyond pathetic pushing a notion of a Maga Jerry when their candidate is a long standing Republican. The passaic county dems and republicans have been in bed together for over 20 years. Duffy and Peter Murphy own a bar together people get real will you. To touch on the why didnt Jerry donate all his warchest back to the PCDC why would he ? People came to those dinners to support him not that joke of a dictator party and its leader. The proof in that pudding is how Jerry out fundraising them probably 5 to 1 currently WITHOUT the dem leader / party backing. You guys are asleep at the wheel of facts they talk about the budget inflation under Jerry? The freeholders back then approved said budgets so where is their checks and balances for their constituents ? Ohh no its blame Jerry… if they were so good at their jobs currently why did the Sheriff unalive himself? Why did the jail get shut down ? Get real you people cannot be serious with the nonsense you are spewing. All of these fake / useless endorsements done under duress with Dictator Currie forcing them to do them. I cannot wait till the hard evidence comes out and shows what Currie is doing to those around him because they dont support his regime anymore and want him gone even those closest to him. I see personal attacks on here now too you guys are truly pathetic and look so desperate if your candidate Adamo and party is so strong why are you so concerned?? “When they go low we go high” guess that didnt transcend down to you passaic county politicians because you have gone nothing but low… The party politics will end June 4th along with puppet Tommy Adamo and the Number 1 puppeteer John Currie!

  9. Sounds like some people are upset, welcome to politics its a dirty game. If you cant take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  10. If Speziale is such a “great guy” why has everyone who supported him before turned their backs on him? Because he is dishonest, disloyal and an egomaniac. The only people supporting him now are republicans who dont even live in Passaic County. Its time all of these old heads took a seat and retired, let someone with isnt 60+ years old have a shot at the position.. Thats the problem with this country we expect 60+year olds to understand the world in 2024 when they are all still stuck in the 1980s, the fact that our presidential candidates are older than most of our grandparents should be alarming. We need youthful experienced leaders not dying decrepit ones who make our country look like a joke. They should require all candidates to pass a mental and physical exam before being allowed to take the position of Sheriff, and we know Jerry couldnt pass either he looks like a dying old man at this point he should just stick to his current position where he can do interviews and tv shows.

  11. DLG. Comment 7. Just for one day I wish I could be as cool and as big of a tough guy as you! Apparently you have a hard time doing simple math or just that stupid to realize that “daddy’s little girl” you think your talking about was prob around 6 years old at the time! So you’re about 15 years off! I mean you can’t truely be a man! Cause a real man does not have to hide behind corny little names nor talks down or bad about 2 young females! You obv had some kind of pathetic upbringing, prob some mommy issues! Cause any real man won’t attack a young innocent girl who adores her father and everything he has accomplished! I’m sensing a little bit of bitterness and jealousy! I’m guessing you have none of that either in your life none who looks up to you no one who gives a damn about ya! If you had any balls and were a true man you don’t need to hide in the shadows stand by your pathetic comments. I don’t need to hide who I am I’ll stand by everything I say the name is right there! You are a oathetic excuse for a human being! Idc if you want to bash Jerry if you don’t agree with his doings! But don’t bring any of the daughters or thier mother into your pathetic attempt to dump on someone else’s family! If you really truely are a man and had some balls (cause if your a female than wow that’s even 10 times worse) you would realize how ignorant and pathetic you sound and apologize to his daughter for the bullshit you wrote! But I don’t expect you to have the balls to do that either that’s how shallow you must really be!

  12. Let me just say I am 100% behind Adamo but the comments regarding Speziales wife and daughters are disgusting, uncalled for, and completely out of line. There is absolutely NO need for it . I prefer to stick to the facts. And the facts are simple. I’m behind Adamo, and most other Democrats in the county are as well, because hes the best man for the job and what this county needs. Jerry may have been Sheriff 20 years ago, but things are different today, he hasnt been part of the department for 10 years, and he’s aged. Do we really want a 70+ year old man running the Sheriffs department? Adamo is in his 40s, knows the gig since he’s been there for almost 30 years, and is in his prime. Jerry is not. Look at Paterson. The 3rd highest crime in the state, right behind Camden! So bad the state had to come in and take over. Also during the time he was Sheriff, he wasn’t perfect. He had a lot of issues, one of which included the state coming in and taking over the jail because of the horrible conditions. And on top of it he then goes and resigns. He then bounced all over from Port Authority to some place in Alabama to Pennyslvania . Theme seems to be he kind of does what he wants. Any normal employer would look at a resume like that and be like “thanks for your application but no thanks”. Speziale does a great job in getting his name plastered all over, so I’ll give him that, he seems to be great at marketing and campaigning. I guess thats expected when you’ve been a career politician and raised over $500k. But the reality is Adamo has like 30 years of experience at the department, started from the bottom and worked his way up. He has an incredible reputation, just ask anyone in the Sheriffs department. Hes not a career politician, like Jerry is. He’s a cops cop and he’s seen and done it all, honest, trustworthy, experienced, and just the right guy for the job. Thats who I want in the Sherirffs department. Fresh ideas, someone who will bring us forward. Again people of Passaic County, do we REALLY want to go BACKWARD with JERRY who’s FAILING the people of PATERSON? Open your eyes. It’s high time for Jerry to retire.

  13. @Joey Vaffanculo – really? What party do you think Jerry was before he ran for Sheriff back in the 2000s? What party are his biggest donors from? What party was the Governor who picked him to resign from Sheriff’s department and work for Port Authority? What party was Rep. Dan Meuser, who Speziale recently endorsed? 1 word buddy – REPUBLICAN. You are the puppet and being played.

  14. Vote for Jerry Speziale. He’s not owned by the bosses. He’ll work for the voters. Not John Currie, not Leroy Jones, and not Phil Murphy. FPM

  15. @jvc before 2000?? Lol Adamo was a registered republican throughout his entire tenure With the Sheriffs dept … He literally changed his party Feb 13, 2024 look it up u clown! Talkin about puppets lol plz ur a dem chairman puppet like the rest. Chairman currie is lost and out of touch he didnt realize his first choice for sheriff was an ex sheriffs chief and current academy director who lives in pequannock! When he woke up from his mid convo nap and realized that he went with Adamo a LIFELONG republican who voted for Trump… educate yourself my friend.. Adamo sold his soul to the Democratic Devil to make Chief and now had no choice but to take his marching orders. Adamos a nice guy but a straight puppet and as soft as they come he is no leader and a middle of the road boss who will sway from multiple sides as needed. Jerry wins in a landslide.

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