Campos Kicks off His Newark East Ward Council Candidacy


Former Newark Police Chief Anthony Campos this weekend formally kicked off his candidacy for the East Ward Council seat.

Campos walked out to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.”

“My name is Anthony Campos and I am running for councilman of the East Ward,” said the candidate, who ran four years ago and lost – by a hair – to incumbent Councilman Councilman Augusto Amador.

Amador decided not to run again.

“Our world and our nation have changed in those four years,” Campos said. “Sadly, the expectations you and I have are not being met and that hasn’t changed our local businesses the very establishments that serve our basic needs, are all reeling due to a loss of revenue and the effects of the pandemic. We’re supposed to help, not hurt. Our residents … pay the highest share of taxes in the city. We have to endure flooding. And a homeless problem.

He cited two industrial plants planned for the East Ward.

Governor Phil Murphy shut down one, but only temporarily.

Crime and public safety are going to the wrong direction.

“These things really piss me off, for one simple reason – this is my home. These are my people,” said Campos, who has been in public safety his entire life.

“I used my experience and my knowledge to run the most complex government agency in the city. Under my leadership, we lowered crime, enhanced services.”

He said he bears no ill will toward the mayor. He will work with him.

“That being said, I am not beholden to any politician for their support,” Campos clarified. “That may work for others, but I am only beholden to you. Some campaigns are propped up by other politicians or hired guns brought in from somewhere else.”

Campos is running for the seat being vacated by Amador, who backs retired cop Mike Silva. Mayor Ras Baraka supports former cop Louis Weber.

“I won’t need the approval of any politician, because I’m with you,” Campos said.

When the East Ward stands up to oppose the incinerator and sludge burner, “I won’t have to worry about a politician coming up to me and saying, ‘You owe me.'”


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