Cape May GOP Chairman Karavan Goes off on ‘Shamefully Silent’ LD1 Dems

Cape May GOP Chairman Marcus Karavan

Cape May County Republican Chairman Marcus Karavan today called on his Democrat counterpart Brendan Sciarra and the entire 2019 Democrat ticket to condemn a widely derided racist General Majority PAC mailer and disavow the support of the PAC.

“After ten long days, the Democrats’ silence on this racist attack is deafening,” Karavan said. “There should be no safe place for this vile, degrading rhetoric in today’s politics. These desperate tactics are further proof that the Democrat ticket, from top to bottom, is bankrupt of ideas, has no record of achievement to bring to the voters and is utterly controlled by powerful forces outside of Cape May County.  I call on the following Democrat officials and candidates to immediately, loudly and publicly disavow and condemn this repugnant and racist attack.”

The Cape May GOP chairman ticked off the names of those “shamefully silent,” in his words, amid the backlash.

Cape May County Democrat Leader Brendan Sciarra

Congressman Jeff Van Drew

Appointed State Senator Bob Andrzejczak

Appointed Assemblyman Matt Milam

Assemblyman Bruce Land

Freeholder Candidate Joyce Gould

Freeholder Candidate Elizabeth Casey

To recap, Republicans earlier this week first slammed the negative attack mailer against GOP Assembly candidate and Ocean City Councilman Antwan McClellan today, alleging the shadowy Super PAC funded by allies of Norcross darkened and distorted McClellan’s photo, placed it inside a yellow circle reminiscent of Aunt Jemima syrup branding and used racially-charged language in a desperate attempt to hang on to a district that is slipping away.

The Republicans demanded Democrat incumbents Bob Andrzejczak, Bruce Land, Matt Milam, and Cape May County Democrat Chairman Brendan Sciarra to immediately disavow the mailing, and call on the Norcross-linked General Majority PAC to cease and desist from spending in support of their candidacies.

”The Democratic party claims to be the party of inclusion; however, the moment a person of color like me disagrees with their narrative, they launch an ad hominem attack, whip out their best ‘Aunt Jemima’ photograph and purposefully darken my complexion in order to suppress dissent,” said McClellan.  “This attack ad launched against me isn’t just tone deaf, it’s totally deaf to the economic struggles that faced all the people of South Jersey in the recent trying economic times. I am a Republican because we support job creation and real opportunity not just giveaway programs. I know about that struggle firsthand and promise to diligently represent South Jersey to increase economic opportunities.”

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