Carroll: Guadagno can Win, but if Murphy Beats Her, His Smile will Disappear

As the state staggers toward Election Day on Tuesday, Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-25) opined on the state’s broken condition, the prospects of the next chief executive, and what he insists is the jarring disconnect of a liberal message in New Jersey contributing to a suburban chilling effect.

The veteran movement conservative lawmaker acknowledged that he thinks the race between Democrat Phil Murphy and Republican Kim Guadagno is tightening, and as Democrats brace for what one source said will undoubtedly be a late Republican Governors Association (RGA) Willie Horton Hail Mary on sanctuary cities, Carroll said the cycle’s enduring issue is taxes. The contest feels closer than the polls reflect, in his opinion, because he says he thinks Guadagno has better corralled the urgency of the taxes issue.

“While I think the sanctuary city thing is something of a diversion, Phil Murphy has not demonstrated himself ready for prime time,” Carroll said. “Jon Corzine had some time in as a United State Senator. Phil Murphy has never served in any kind of elective, policy-making office. And his plans are nuts. He, apparently, honestly, truly, passionately believes that bigger government, higher taxes, etc., are the solution to what ails us. For those who would benefit from ‘free’ stuff, that’s a little like a bribe, funded with taxpayer funds. The people, even Democrats, and certainly independents, seem overwhelming concerned about the expense of the government we already have. Kim at least recognizes that a problem exists. That might be enough to make the race tight, perhaps sufficient to put her over the top.”

But the winner gets stuck with a nightmare, the assemblyman noted.

“One could make a good argument that every New Jersey gov for the past 50-75 years has been a ‘failed’ governor, in that they not only failed to address NJ’s problems, but, in many cases, made them worse. …It’s essentially impossible to hear someone utter the name of any recent governor without spitting on the ground,” he added. “Methinks the problem is structural. Government, done right, is hard. It means saying ‘NO’ all the time and to lots of people. Phil Murphy has the sunny, ‘yes’ smile on his face. In a sense, conservatives will enjoy the schadenfreude of watching him actually have to deal with reality, which will wipe that smile off his face. Remember Jon Corzine’s perpetually pained expression? All that has to happen is for the economy to burp, revenues fall, and, suddenly, even Phil Murphy will come to realize that there is no way to shower 51% of the electorate with ‘free’ stuff without destroying the economy. A 3% tax rate – and hugely lower property taxes – is one toll-free bridge away.”

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One response to “Carroll: Guadagno can Win, but if Murphy Beats Her, His Smile will Disappear”

  1. Murphy will win by double digits. There is more stupid in New Jersey than meth in Kentucky. Well maybe that is not really fair. Every cop, fireman, and teacher who retires in New jersey has sense enough to take their pension straight out of the state.

    Half the people in the state don’t vote. Of the half that do 60% either work for the government or are on welfare of one kind or another. That is what makes the place overwhelmingly blue.

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