The Catholic Church is Failing to Teach as I Quoted Pope Francis ‘the Royal Road to Peace is to See Others not as Enemies to be Opposed but as Brothers and Sisters to be Embraced’

Former NJ state Senator Ray Lesniak is scheduled to testify before Governor Phil Murphy’s NJEDA Task Force about tax incentives, weighing in on a discussion with "lots of voices, but little reason."

To the Administration of Covington Catholic High School, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Covington, the Newark Archdiocese Archbishop, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Pope Francis.

As a U.S. Army veteran, a Roman Catholic graduate of St. Hedwig’s grammar school, Elizabeth, New Jersey and an American, I found the abusive conduct of your students towards the Native Americans troupe as it performed the “American Indian Movement” song about strength and courage most troubling. Also troubling was the lack of adult supervision to stand up and speak out against the bigotry expressed by the students.

I appreciate your statement condemning this abhorrent behavior, but am concerned how this behavior came from students at a Catholic school with Catholic chaperones standing idly by in silence or in support of this bigotry. Your apologies are welcomed but actions need to be taken above and beyond an apology.

I’m including Newark Archdiocese Bishop Joseph W. Tobin, the United States Council of Catholic Bishops and Pope Francis in this message because as a Catholic, I believe as Pope Francis has said, “The secret of Christian living is love. Only love fills the empty spaces caused by evil.” It’s apparent the administration of Covington Catholic High School has not conveyed this message either to their students or parents.

I do not believe expulsion is the appropriate response, but the school should enhance its curriculum for students and parents and also require community service as a learning lesson of compassion and understanding. A study of American history and the genocide of Native Americans by Americans certainly is in order. And for good measure, discussions on Pope Francis’ teaching, “The royal road to peace is to see others not as enemies to be opposed but as brothers and sisters to be embraced.”

Ray Lesniak is the former Senator from the 20th Legislative District.

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7 responses to “The Catholic Church is Failing to Teach as I Quoted Pope Francis ‘the Royal Road to Peace is to See Others not as Enemies to be Opposed but as Brothers and Sisters to be Embraced’”

  1. “The Royal Road to Peace is to See Others not as Enemies to be Opposed but as Brothers and Sisters to be Embraced’ Somewhat of an ironic quote from the tenor of this letter, which appears to be quick to judge the adolescents involved before getting the full story. We all need to start showing more grace to one another. Everyone.

      • The video evidence exonerates the Covington students. They exhibited no abhorrent behavior, unlike that of Phillips himself and the Black Israelites, who were racist and physically threatening themselves.


            At least they’re probably going to get a huge amount of money out of people like this who take the first opportunity they have to condemn innocent people.

            Seriously. How did Democrats get to the point that they scream for the death of children and defend racists (as in the Covington case, don’t hear them say much about all the stuff the Black Israelites were saying), rapists (such as the latest Neeson stuff, but it’s not the first time they’ve jumped to defend the poor innocent rapists), and murderers (such as MS13, or platforming someone who tortured and murdered a gay man over a period of days at the Women’s March).

            Just think about it. It’s so bad that I thought of MULTIPLE examples of this off the top of my head. You guys are picking your side, and it’s the side of murderers, rapists and racists over victims.

  2. For the record, at least two of the students have grandparents who were full-blooded Native Americans, and they not not only respected their grandparents but honored their heritage. They don’t need any Democrat indoctrination camps to learn respect. Perhaps the senator’s ire can better be directed to the instigators of this blowup, the Black Israelites, whose racist, physically threatening diatribes against the students, should be subject to their OWN “tolerance classes.”

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