CD-7 Flashpoint: The One Percent ‘Landslide’

EAST AMWELL – Tom Malinowski has said throughout the campaign that he expects a “landslide” win of one percent.

But as he stepped into town hall this morning to vote, he had changed his view.

“Maybe 0.5 pct, or 0.6,” he said.

The race in CD-7 between Malinowski and Tom Kean Jr., the man he beat by about 5,000 votes two years ago, has gotten national attention.

Very simply, if Malinowski prevails, it could be a sign that Democrats will do better than expected.

With that in mind, about a half dozen reporters and photographers were on hand as Malinowski showed up to vote.

It was a crowded polling place and the congressman greeted some of the people he saw.

But don’t be fooled – this was not 100 percent friendly terrain.

Simply by chance, one presumes, Malinowski’s vehicle was parked next to one sporting a “Let’s Go Brandon” bumper sticker. And those who missed the point could look at another sticker that read, “Trump Won.”

The great thing about election day is that people search for signs of what’s going to happen – even if no one knows what’s going to happen.

Malinowski was pleased with the early vote figures in the district; they favor Democrats by about 20,000.

“Good weather, good turnout, it’s all positive,” he said.

As we said, no one really knows, although the thinking is that a big turnout means more young people voting and that can help the Dems.

Speaking to reporters afterwards, Malinowski observed, hopefully perhaps, the following.

“A lot of people we’ve been talking to … are really turned off by the negativity of my opponent’s campaign.”

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