CD11 Flashpoint: Petillo Announces Her Support for Tony Ghee

Sussex County Freeholder Sylvia Petillo this morning announced her support for Totowa attorney Tony Ghee to hold the CD11 seat she once entertained seeking herself.

“Growing up in Newark, raising a family in Sussex County and operating a business in Morris County I have a unique perspective as to what Congressional District 11 needs from its next member of Congress,” Petillo said in a statement. “What we need is a Republican candidate with conservative values, a pragmatic approach to solving problems, a life story that everyone can identify with and the ability to attract voters from all ends of the district. 

“After spending time getting to know both candidates, and weighing my decision very carefully, I truly believe the candidate the Republican Party and residents of District 11 need right now is Antony Ghee,” the freeholder added, selecting the CD11 GOP rival to Assemblyman Jay Webber (R-26). Tony is someone who’s life’s story is deeply rooted in American values of family, hard work, determination, service to our country and a desire to never let circumstance get in the way of achieving success.” 

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