CD11 Flashpoint: Run, Al, Run!


Dear NJ-11 Residents,   

I recently read that Livingston Councilmember and Mayor Alfred “Al” Anthony has been considering a run in the Democratic Primary to represent the 11th congressional district. Over the past several years I have gotten to know Al and his quiet and effective leadership.  As Al contemplates a run for federal office with his family, I wanted to share three accomplishments that demonstrate the type of representative he would be.   

First, as Mayor of Livingston Al brought greater accessibility and transparency to the municipality’s nearly 30,000 residents. He introduced the monthly “Meet the Mayor”, which was an opportunity for residents to work directly with Al to find common sense solutions to the town’s most pressing issues. I know that if-elected as our next Congressman, Al would have an open door policy that would lead to greater collaboration and effectiveness in Washington DC.   

Second, Al has already demonstrated that he stands up for the people of the 11th congressional district. Where others have failed, Al has won over 50 million dollars in environmental damages for working class residents against major corporate polluters. Additionally, Al has represented thousands of organized labor members in cases of asbestos and workplace hazards. Al has delivered for affected families throughout his professional career as an environmental attorney. 

Last, I wanted to share how first hand I have witnessed Al’s leadership in an efficient and effective government in Livingston. Al has worked with county government officials to re-invest in Riker Hill Arts Park. For those not familiar Riker Hill Arts Park it is a 42-acre complex that features over 30 resident artists and numerous educational programs not only for residents in Livingston but also for residents in West Orange. We all look for representatives that will work with leaders at all levels of government to deliver investments in our schools, parks, community centers, and infrastructure.   

As Al speaks with his family about running to represent the 11th congressional district, I thought it was important for me to share just a bit of what he has accomplished as a community leader, environmental attorney, Councilmember, and Mayor.  I hope that you join me in urging Al to run for Congress.  


Mayor Robert D. Parisi  

West Orange, New Jersey

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