CD3 Flashpoint: Currie Denounces ‘Racist’ Mailer

Jumping feet first into battleground CD3, Democratic State Committee Chairman John Currie slapped the state GOP for circulating what he said is a “blatantly racist mailer targeting Andy Kim,” a Democrat trying to unseat U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3).

“Congressional Republicans like Tom MacArthur can’t run on their record, because their only legislative accomplishment is a tax cut for billionaires and big corporations that screwed middle class taxpayers in New Jersey,” Currie said.

“So they’re left with the kind of racist, dog whistle politics that this mailer demonstrates, trying to make a distinguished public servant like Andy Kim into an ‘other,'” he added. “It’s not the first time MacArthur and his allies have used these despicable tactics and it likely won’t be the last time. This just shows how important it is for Democrats and anyone tired of this brand of gutter politics to vote in November for real leaders like Andy Kim.”

Kim is a Korean American.

The mailer in question shows raw fish in ice along with the tagline, “Something is real fishy about Andy Kim.”

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One response to “CD3 Flashpoint: Currie Denounces ‘Racist’ Mailer”

  1. Sorry, John. There’s nothing there. A Jersey Shore district using a fish theme? Pretty clever, actually. Wrong time to play “the card.” Smacks of deperation.

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