CD3 Flashpoint: Dennison Jumps into the Democratic Primary for a Crack at MacArthur

Florence Attorney Rich Dennison today announced that he will run for the Democratic nomination to go up against U.S. Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-3) next year.

“Tom can claim that his advocacy for Trump and his agenda is good for the people of the Third District, but I won’t let him off that easy,” said Dennison, 40, director of Dennison Funeral Homes.

Infuriated by MacArthur’s lone New Jersey delegation “aye” vote on President Donald J. Trump’s budget, Dennison in a Facebook post said he will fight to insure the middle class is not “eviscerated by the wealthy on high…to not see gun violence persist just so some can’t be great hunters; or hold international security held hostage by tweets; or, not allow poor, innocent children be taken from their parents and from the only country they’ve only known, and it goes on and on.

“Look, everywhere I go, from Mastoris Restaurant in Bordentown to the Moorestown Mall to Cattus sland County Park in Toms River, people are saying enough is enough,” said Dennison. “The middle class simply can’t keep up, while Washington, D.C.’s wealthy politicians bulldoze and obstruct their way to help themselves and their wealthy cronies. It’s time to act, to replace those who are the problem, like Tom MacArthur.”

Diplomat Andy Kim is already a Democratic candidate for Congress in the 3rd District.

Dennison ran for office in 2007 against incumbent Senator Diane Allen (R-7), who beat him decisively.

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