In Chairman’s Brawl, Scutari Updates His Endorsements

NJ's Joint Legislative Committee on Ethical Standards dismissed a complaint filed by Linden Mayor Derek Armstead against state Senator Nick Scutari. The complaint alleged that a Scutari ally had intimidated Armstead's allies, tried to deny their civil rights and attempted to force them out of a Democratic County Committee race.

State Senator Nick Scutari (D-22) this afternoon issued an updated list of endorsements of party players supporting him for Union County Democratic Committee Chairman.

Mostly, he added some names from Kenilworth, a bunch from Elizabeth, from Linden, a bunch more from Plainfield, Rahway and Roselle, and one more from Scotch Plains to his initial list.

“The last 24 hours have been a humbling experience,” he said. “I have actively been calling municipal chairpersons, local elected Democratic committee members, and elected officials. The support from every corner of the County has been incredibly encouraging, but we’re taking nothing for granted,” stated Scutari.

Councilwoman Kim Shaw of Roselle commented, “as an educator, a Democrat, and mother, I believe Nick Scutari has the experience that we need as a Party leader. Education is a cornerstone issue in our Democratic platform. I welcome the opportunity to work with Nick on improving educational opportunities for our children as well as issues impacting the Borough of Roselle.”

Rahway Mayor Ray Giacobbe remarked on his endorsement, “Rahway is a thriving diverse community and our working families are the backbone of the community. Nick comes from a blue-collar background and advanced all the way to the State Senate by rolling up his sleeves. He has stood up to former Governor Chris Christie and Trenton bullies. I have no doubt that Nick Scutari is the leader we need.”

Senate President Stephen Sweeney endorsed Scutari noting that his leadership in Trenton position him to be an effective leader for Union County.  Retiring Union County Chairman and Assemblyman Jerry Green also endorsed Scutari on Wednesday.  With endorsements still rolling in, Senator Scutari’s support represents nearly 60% of the Union County Democratic Committee.



Updated ENDORSEMENTS for Nick Scutari for Democratic Chairman (In formation):


Retiring Union County Democratic Chairman Jerry Green


Berkeley Heights

George W. Devanney, Chairman

Susan Poage, Councilwoman

Steve Yellin, Committeeman




Laura Scutari, UCDC Comptroller




John Salerno, Chairman

Bette Jane Kowalski, Freeholder




Tony Teixeira, Chairman/ UCDC Vice Chairman

  1. Christian Bollwage, Mayor

Sergio Granados, Freeholder Chairman

Frank Cuesta, Councilman-at-Large

Patricia Perkins-Auguste, Councilwoman-at-Large/DSC Member

Manny Grova, Council President

Carlos Torres, 1st Ward Councilman

Nelson Gonzalez, 2nd Ward Councilman

Kevin Kiniery, 3rd Ward Councilman

Carlos Cedeno, 4th Ward Councilman

Bill Gallman, 5th Ward Councilman

Frank Mazza, 6th Ward Councilman

Maria Carvalho, Board of Education President

Jose Rodriguez, Board of Education Vice-President

Diane Barbosa, Board of Education Member

Charlene Bathelus, Board of Education Member

Stephanie Goncalves, Board of Education Member

Jerry Jacobs, Board of Education Member

Rosa Moreno-Ortega, Board of Education Member

Stanley Neron, Board of Education Member





Charles Lombardo, Mayor




Alexander Mirabella, Freeholder




Peter Corvelli, Chairman/Sheriff

Mayor Anthony DeLuca

Kay Ceceri, Councilwoman

Lawrence Clementi, Councilman

Robert Schielke, Councilman

Gerry Laudati, Councilman

Linda Karlovitch, Councilwoman Mark David, Councilman




Nicholas P. Scutari, Chairman

Christopher Hudak, DSC Member/Freeholder

Jorge Alavrez, Council President

John Francis Roman, Councilman

Armando Medina, Councilman

Gretchen Hickey, Councilwoman

Rhashonna Cosby- Hurling, Councilwoman

Karen Sheehy, fmr. Chairwoman

Joe Bodek, UCDC Treasurer



New Providence

Steve Velloric, UCDC Vice Chairman




Adrian Mapp, Mayor/Chairman

Barry Goode, Councilman

Charles McRae, Council President

Joylette Mills-Ransome, Vice President Councilwoman

Cory Storch, Councilman

Rebecca Williams, Councilwoman

Steve Hockaday, Councilman

Linda Carter, Freeholder


Jerry Green, Assemblyman/DSC Member




Ray Giacobbe, Mayor

Kevin O’Brien, Chairman

Rodney Farrar, 1st Ward Councilman

Michael Cox, 2nd Ward Councilman

Bob Bresenhan, 3rd Ward Councilman

David Brown, 4th Ward Councilman

Jennifer Wenson Maier, 5th Ward

Joe Giblisco, 6th Ward Councilman

Joanna Miles, Councilwoman At-Large

James Baker, Councilman At-Large

Jeremy Mojica, Councilman At-Large


Jim Kennedy, Assemblyman




Reverend Reginald Atkins, Chairman/Council President

Carla Walker, 2nd Ward Councilwoman

Kim Shaw, 4th Ward Councilwoman

Sam Bishop, 5th Ward Councilman


Jamel Holley, Assemblyman



Scotch Plains

John DelSordi, Chairman

Luisa Bianco, UCDC 5th Vice-Chair




Bruce Bergen, Freeholder




Jordan Glatt, Former Mayor




Margaret McManus, Chairwoman



Union County Democratic Women’s Club

Cherron Rountree, Co-Founder

Phyllis Mirabella, Co-Founder

Amy Wagner, Co-Founder

Angie Devanney, Co-Founder/Committeewoman



NJ LGBTQ Democratic Caucus of Union County

Danni Newbury, Founder

Robert Charkowsky, Officer



Union County Young Democrats

Kyle Holder – Vice President

Manuel E. Ramirez – Treasurer

Brandon Givens – Outreach Committee

Elton Armady – Legislative Committee

Janna Williams – Veterans Caucus

Eric M. Brinton

Nathalie Hernandez

Nicholas Micheludis

Elijah Junior

Nicole DeAugstine

Robert Charkowsky

Eugene Esquival

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